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Mrs. Trupti Shailesh Puranik: Achievements Of The Interior Designer!

This article talks about Mrs. Trupti Shailesh Puranik and her passion as an interior designer. She has been an idol for all future interior designers. She has paved the way for the younger generation to be creative and passionate about what they do.

About Mrs. Trupti Shailesh Puranik and her accomplishments as an interior designer!

Do you have dreams, and you want the motivation to follow your dream? Mrs. Trupti Shailesh Puranik is one such lady who changed the course of interior designer in India. Further, an alumnus of JJ School of Architecture, Mrs. Trupti SaileshPuranik is a leading interior designer with technical expertise and sound design skills for over 15 years. Likewise, she started with Studios Elements in 2001 and has scaled the company to a large scale with her leadership.

Besides, with her expert leadership, the company has been able to complete 1,000+ projects successfully. Studios Elements create some unique designs with fresh detailing and exquisite elements. If you are looking for an interior designer, go to Studio Elements, providing hassle-free work. Interior designer requires creativity; something Mrs. Trupti SaileshPuranik has much in her bag.

About Studio Elements

Based in Thane, Studio Elements is known for its thoughtful approach towards designing exquisite furniture for homes and offices. Likewise, they have a team of valued interior designers, architects, project managers, and contractors working together to give a meaningful change to the spaces. They aim towards providing quality services to all their clients, most creatively and uniquely possible. At Studio Elements, designs are made with comfort and style by utilizing every space.

Services of Studio Elements

1. Residential Space

A home that feels like heaven welcomes everyone, and with Studio Elements, you can design your dream home. Get the sense of security and comfort that you have been looking for.

2. Corporate Styles

The corporate interiors are well designed by the team with their in-depth knowledge, research, and expertise. Furthermore, the team incorporates the designs for creating the right strategy at the workplace. Mrs. Trupti SaileshPurnanik has an excellent team and every interior designer knows the right use of texture and colors.

3. Developer’s Designs

With the growing needs, Studio Elements by Mrs. Trupti Shailesh Puranik offers specialty according to the developers’ needs. Besides, some of the distinct portfolios are lobbies, gyms, clubhouses, sales offices, etc. They have experience in installation and interior designer work within the shown time and budget.

The firm has been recognized to be the best interior designer and architect firm for so many projects. Further, many leading organizations work up to the environments bringing meaningful changes at all levels. Under the leadership of Mrs. Trupti Shailesh Puranik, Studio Elements has earned credentials and projects under its hand.

Awards and Honors are given to Trupti Shailesh for her expertise work

Mrs. Trupti Shailesh Puranik is a recognized name in interior designing world and has been awarded the Navdurga award as an interior designer. Being a woman, Mrs. Trupti Shailesh Puranik has been able to change interior designing in India. Secondly, she received the Kalanidhi Award for Women Entrepreneur for her exponential works. If you talk in the interior designing achievements, Mrs. Trupti Shailesh Puranik first received the Architecture and Interior Design in Residential Design Category, 2019.

Next in her achievements list the Stree Astitva Award in September 2017, and finally, she also got the Mumbai City Icon 2019 as excellence in Interior Designer.

Mrs. Trupti Shailesh Puranik received the Iconic Interior Designer Award on 2nd March 2020. This event is held to honor the designers in the field of interior designer. The Women Iconza Awards 2021 celebrates successful women’s lives, and Mrs. Trupti Shailesh Puranik won the award and made herself proud. She was proudly facilitated for her interior designing skills by Vinayak Rahut (MP).

Studios Elements has been highly encouraging young artists and interior designers to put their foot forward in the field of interior designing. Studio Elements help the industries to showcase their talents on various platforms. The vision of the client is the foundation of the company. The team brings in their perspectives in the form of texture, color, form, lines, and space. Present them with space, and they can convert the hall into something extravagant.


Mrs. Trupti Shailesh Puranik uses her ideas in making all the spaces, and they are confident in handling all the workspaces. They are the best in the field, and you will not regret taking their help. Interior Designer is an artist; the best you explore it, the more you will go deeper into the subject.

Shop no.11, Puranik Capitol, Opp. Hypercity, Kasarwadvali, Ghodbunder Road,
Thane (West). Phone:+91 8291996675 Mobile:+91 8655066071
Email: info@studioelements.in Web: https://www.studioelements.in


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