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Mrs Saakshi Bhoite honour for Iconic Motivational Speaker 2021!

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Mrs. Saakshi Ashish Bhoite an educator wanted to do something unique selflessly. I started working as an educator for STD 9th and 10th with the main subject maths in one of the branches of the Ryan International group of schools.

I am an enthusiastic educator who believes in teaching experiences and training lively with hands-on topics. While on my go with the routine always felt the urge to do for the needy and underprivileged.

I started motivation talks with students, training them how to live lively, pushing them away from stress, bringing them closer towards academics, and much more. Slowly and steadily started motivating and counseling students from various fields. Boosted their moral towards life and their studies not only that but also towards their parents and responsibilities mainly as a human.

For me more important was to make a human, than a robot or a machine. As humans have accepted a lot of challenges through various competitions to move ahead, they burdened themselves with more stress and anxiety. So my slogan was born “Quit stress not ourselves” and still continuing to this selflessly with no fruit in return. Also, upcoming graphologists to study the mindset of students and change them accordingly for their betterment.

Also, work for NCSC (National Children Science Congress) which works with an associate with govt of India of science and technology as one of the organising committee members of the Mumbai division and also have given voiceover for the Aseem Maha Vahini online channel which belongs to NCSC.

Saakshi Ashish Bhoite received the Women Iconza Award for Iconic Motivational Speaker on 2nd March 2021. She proudly received this prestigious and well-deserved award from Honourable Shri. Vinayak Raut Ji (Member of Parliament).


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