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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Mumbai-based stock market training and trading firm, NILS Enterprises tops $7.7 Mn in valuation

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NILS Enterprises, a Mumbai-based stock market training and trading firm led by Mr. Nilesh Naresh Patil, is making a name for itself in the world of the stock market for its practical live training approach and strategies with a 90% success rate and significant gains in the portfolio management segment. According to recent reports, NILS Enterprises is valued at $7.7 Mn (₹60 Cr) a year after going digital with their business. 

Mr. Nilesh Patil bootstrapped NILS Enterprises in 2017 after he successfully sold his previous 2 ventures for $1 Mn. NILS Enterprises focuses on 3 main aspects of the stock market to grow its business, which are stock market training, portfolio management, and sub-broking. All three aspects of NILS Enterprises are interconnected, making a whole cycle of this money-minting business. 

In Stock Market Training, Mr. Nilesh Patil uses his 10+ years of experience as a trader and more than 5 years of experience as a stock market trainer to teach his students how to make profits in the stock market with a practical approach and live trading. All the courses offered by NILS Enterprises come with industry-grade certificates and a money-back guarantee. 

For Portfolio Management, NILS Enterprises not only focuses on HNI clients but also on retail clients, offering its expertise while providing clients with significant gain and proper risk management. NILS Enterprises has partnered with some of the industry-leading brokers like Angel One and ICICI Direct to provide their services to its clients seamlessly, and a large part of the revenue is generated through these services. 

On being asked what makes NILS Enterprises better than its most rivals, Mr. Nilesh Patil smiled and responded, “I don’t consider most of the other firms as my rivals. I’m not disrespecting them in any way, they are good at what they do. It’s just that NILS approaches things in a more practical way, which most firms do differently. When I run this company, I believe in my vision of adding value to the lives of our clients. If they are doing our courses, it should be beneficial to them. If they are choosing us for portfolio management, they ought to see the promised results. And more than a client, we want them to trust us and be with us as a family. Like you can consult anything with your family doctor without any worry, similarly, we want NILS to be our client’s financial doctor. That’s our vision at NILS and we thrive every single day to live up to it. Maybe this personal touch and eagerness to help our clients put us one step ahead of others. ” 

With a game-changing idea and business plan, a good valuation, and a well-experienced leadership and team, considering all these factors, NILS Enterprises is all way ready to become the next big thing in the stock market world, and you should definitely keep your eyes out on it.  Website: www.nileshpatil.com

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