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“Vaastu has the power to change our life in positive ways” pronounces celebrity Astro Vaastu expert Dr. Khoja

Felicitated by mid-day in Dubai as the Iconic Bollywood Celebrity, Dr Khoja Bollywood Astrologer is a well-known name in the film industry circles, corporate world and the political sphere. Khoja is a Vaastu PhD who introduces himself as, “The client doesn’t need to tell me their problems, as once I visit the client’s home, I instantly identify all their problems and that is my USP,” adding that he is a master expert in Naadi Astrology too. “I am so grateful to mid-day for this recognition, so I feel that this is my Diwali gift from this publishing house,” says the renowned astrologer who was also awarded the Iconic Brand of TOI just recently.

Naadi Astrology

What exactly is Naadi Astrology about? Khoja reveals, “Instead of calculating
12 houses as done in Vedic, in Naadi Astrology we have to calculate 48 houses, which gives more precise information about the person’s actual facts as regards to what problems that individual is facing now and further what is anticipated later on too, in future. A solution can be provided, say
if a student wants to choose between pursuing MBA or to enter the Bollywood industry; definite solutions can be predicted. The Naadi Astrology expert can practically arrive at a particular number and if the reading says that he is to become a star; then he shall definitely attain stardom. That is the level of perfection,” he explains stating the perfection this science has over normal astrology.

There are several astrologers, but attaining knowledge and expertise in Naadi Astrology is a tough task since it is based on complex scientific calculation, therefore only a few practice it, as he says, “Most of my clients come to me after not receiving satisfactory guidance from other astrologers. We have specific remedies in such situations and just to give an example if Saturn is in his 6th house, then with certain simple and inexpensive remedies we can change
it into another conducive house or position. As a person having Saturn in his 6th house, risks the probability of him facing imprisonment.”

When we come across individuals facing hurdles of getting married, or those having no success, their Birth Chart can precisely point out the same. “A misleading practice followed by other astrologers is that they often terrorize and scare their client with the objective of extracting huge money. With detailed calculation and use of sophisticated software, Naadi astrology, we can

fine tune the parameters to pinpoint exact problems and it can provide solutions too. Vastu can further make
it convenient to bring out faster and fruitful results as the base of a person’s life is Vastu with Kundli and Naadi Astrology being its ingredients. Once the base is fine-tuned then other things accordingly fall into their places,” Khoja said.

What is Vastu?

How would a lay person understand
as to what exactly is Vastu? He explains, “Like we have a ‘flower vase’ at our homes, ‘Vas’ is a Sanskrit word depicting the house of a flower and ‘Tu’ means myself. This simply means ‘My House’. Majority of our homes have the basic problem of the situation of Toilet in hour flats. You must have noticed that our ancestors always had the toilet placed outside our homes and hence they faced almost no problems. Today we find the configurations of flats having toilets attached to bedrooms. This leads to rise in problems, and further the situation of toilets in our flats make it more disconcerting. Refer to the attached chart.”

What if the existing placement of the toilet does not fall in the ideal zones? “We can work out a way with internal locking so that negative energy is locked out, by using certain remedies and without resorting to any physical renovation, since certain housing societies would not permit that. This is where the Vastu helps in limiting the negative energies with that spot itself. This is the most common problem of over 80% of households.”

Its easy to become a Brand

in Bollywood

Having done PhD in Vastu PhD Khoja is a Naadi Astrology expert and has expertise in Lal Kitab Remedies, Ramal (Persian), Face reading, palm reading, numerology, Loshu Grid, Hebrew (Egypt), Kabala (Spanish). Being selective about his Bollywood clients and while maintaining discretion he says, “My clients are a mixed bag from various fieldslike Bollywood, Corporate as well
as Political clients. My message to Bollywood celebrities is that it is very easy to become a Brand. Anyone can become a brand after making some recommended minor changes in your own house. I help in activating a particular zone in my client’s house that aids in expediting the process of becoming a Brand yourself. In factit is very easy for any individual in Corporate or Politics too.”

Could our readers have any case studies without naming the client? Khoja was already prepared for this question, “Few months back a mother approached me for remedial action for her daughter who was in the US and was out of job, passing through depression and harboring suicidal tendencies. I prescribed remedial treatment here in Mumbai to the mother and such positive results emerged in just 2 monthsthat the mother was overjoyed with such unexpected results. In another instance I had a client who has a good name in political circles, yet whose house was accident-prone and there used to be someone or the other falling ill. Through minor remedies I locked the accidental zone that was detected near the entry of his home and till date there aren’t any accidents in his house.”

“A latest case is that of a Bollywood professional who has been experiencing dull phase in his career since long. After consulting me, this gentleman has bagged a big project of a reputed production house and his life is set now. In this particular case of Naadi Astrology, this Bollywood client had ‘Mangal’ in the 12th house of his Birth chart and with extremely low cost remedial measure it yielded such a stupendous result in his professional career in just a few days.”

Here is what Vastu PhD and Naadi Astrology expert Khoja who is also been referred to as Astro Scientific Doctor Khoja predicts about the future of Bollywood, “Our entertainment industry has seen the most difficult period in over a century. I feel that post this Diwali, the Bollywood wagon will immediately get on the rails and then it will be the journey of a superfast express in the times to come. While the OTT platforms have etched out its market, cinema halls too will witness the craze as seen before. Happy days are here again.”  www.instagram.com/reel/CVM7lPVIcgZ/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=

Website- https://astrovastuwala.com/


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