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Haeal offers health & wellness products based on Kerala’s Ayurvedic legacy

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Haeal is an FMCG brand that is based on Kerala’s Ayurvedic heritage. The startup offers a variety of health and wellness products made with natural components like tea tree oil, turmeric, charcoal, vitamin C, and aloe vera.

The emergence of the COVID-19 epidemic led many people to embrace healthier lifestyles. Many customers are increasingly interested in learning more about Ayurveda and herbal goods, according to an EY survey, with 40% of Indians prepared to pay a premium for health and wellness items.

With the increasing emphasis on healthy living, Ernakulam-based HAEAL finds itself in the limelight. Haeal Pharma, which was founded in 2014, was already active in over five states (Kerala, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana), with a workforce of over 60 focusing on verticals such as respiratory, cardiovascular, and paediatric divisions.

The epidemic caused founder Rahul Mamman Abraham realize that there was a significant need in the market for health solutions.

Rahul adds, “COVID-19 was eye-opening since there was a disruption in transit and governments closed their borders. Many things, especially COVID-19 necessities, were in low supply. We got right to work with sanitizers and hand washes.”

He established Haeal Enterprises Pvt Ltd in 2020. In December 2020, the Kerala-based firm introduced many items such as hand wash, sanitizer, bathing soaps, shower gel, health supplements, and so on. It used its network to distribute its products throughout the state.

He continues, “The brand gained recognition in a short amount of time, and we had a really positive response from the market. This cleared the path for the creation of a complete line of health goods under the Haeal brand.”

Haeal claims that its products are made with natural ingredients inspired by Kerala’s Ayurvedic heritage.

Rahul graduated with a BCom from Sacred Heart College in 2005 and then went on to study an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad in 2007. He began working with pharmaceutical supply chain firms and also established retail, wholesale, trade, and warehousing operations. He has worked with companies in the pharmaceutical marketing field and has also created a D2C firm.

Rahul founded Haeal, which offers a comprehensive selection of everyday use and health products developed with natural components such as tea tree oil, turmeric, charcoal, vitamin C, and aloe vera, while keeping Kerala’s rich Ayurvedic tradition in mind. The company offers more than 40 bathing soaps and body creams. Haeal Ayurveda has around 25 distinct SKUs in the body oil and body lotion categories. Under its wellness line, the firm provides over 200 distinct items, including soaps, shampoos, hand wash, and beauty improvement products.

Rahul explains, “When the wellness goods were released, we already had a broad pharma supply chain network in place across south India, making it simpler for us to access every nook and cranny of the retail sector.”

He also mentions that the company’s body lotion and bathing soaps have received a wonderful reception.

“By the end of 2021, Haeal will have 80+ distinct items in big accounts such as Lulu, Reliance, and digital markets such as Amazon and Flipkart.”

Rahul opted to operate solely from Ernakulam, Kerala, with its production facilities and retail stores located there.

Rahul explains, “However, we do cater to our increasing market in India and beyond. The items are made in Kerala and then supplied straight to consumers.”

Haeal serves consumers across India with its ecommerce portal, which has over 500,000 monthly visitors. Offline, the firm sells through Lulu hypermarkets in Kochi, Bengaluru, Trivandrum, and Uttar Pradesh, and it may soon expand into Lulu GCC.

Rahul explains, “We are concentrating our efforts on expanding our network in the offline retail sector, which accounts for a significant portion of our income. We have deeply entered the retail supply chain in south India.”

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