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Nazia Parveen Journey From School Teacher to Community Entrepreneur and Mentor Who Helped Lacs of People Through Her Facebook Group

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Nazia Parveen is a rising star in the social welfare sector who, has helped lacs of people through her Facebook food group by providing them a complete solution to all their day to day problems.

Nazia Parveen the founder of Jhatpat Recipes, a food community of 500k members, is an English Honors Graduate and TTC certified. She also received the Best Teacher Award in 2013. After she married, she became more interested in cooking.

It was her zeal for cooking which helped her form this group. Jhatpat recipes has been bestowed with many prestigious awards and has been featured as one of the best communities for food lovers in world-leading platform.

Jhatpat recipes is your one-stop to get all the secrets to stir in those delectable dishes for your friends and family. Started by Nazia Parveen, in 2015, this Facebook community is no less than a boon for people who have a passion for cooking. Apart from getting easy recipes, you can also approach this group to fix any cooking mistakes. 

This amazing Facebook community has more than 5 lakh members who come together on this wonderful platform and share their love for cooking in a peaceful and chilled-out environment. We all know that food is a form of love, and this principle is imbibed very well by this community of food lovers. 

Nazia manages four Facebook groups of her own  Jhatpat Recipes (500k + members), JhatPat Beauty & Health Tips (12k+ members), and Wow Mom Club (with 5k members) and the newly started community “The Aspiring Moms of Kolkata group”.As the name suggests it is the community for like-minded moms who have a strong desire to achieve or do something in life. It is the best platform for all Moms to showcase their talents, promote their businesses, do some fun activities, do online shopping and the list is endless. Our Mission is to support other moms and help each other grow and reach the zenith. We believe in love, Care, and Support, adds Nazia.

Aspiring Moms of Kolkata is a community where we help women promote themselves.

Basically, it’s a community by women, of women and for women.

She strongly believes together we can do a lot and bring a great change in society.

So we at Aspiring moms encourage and motivate all Homepreneurs and Mompreneurs

Also, we help moms/ladies build up their own identity and recognition, giving them a sense of independence, a feeling of bonding and growing together.

Our tagline is “Together we can make the difference “

She formed groups to assist people in resolving their day-to-day issues. Nazia aspires to serve women and girls by recognizing them in her neighborhood. Top-level social groups and community platforms have appreciated her effort and genuineness. Nazia’s passion shines through in her ability to run such popular Facebook groups. She is now a well-known community leader who sets an example for others to follow. Her desire to assist members with regular household chores must now be properly channeled in order to earn cash for long-term development projects. 

Every day, everyone learns something new and enjoys being a part of Jhatpat Recipes, from young bachelors to married homemakers. In the shape of Jhatpat Recipes, the unsung and unrecognized heroes of our lives have a platform where they are highly valued.

Nazia has organized a number of contests and campaigns (brand association) through Jhatpat Recipes, in which participants can compete for great prizes and gifts.

Apart from contestants, Nazia makes it a point to select people who are actively engaged with the posts. She awards those who actively engaged in all the posts.
Nazia contacts brands, demonstrates her network and incredible interaction, and closes the deal.
Presently she is working with top leading brand Asahi Kasei India, who consider themselves as a revolutionizing Indian kitchens with Japan’s no.1 products! For the freshest, healthiest, efficient storage, cooking & baking solutions. 

These collaborations have resulted in: The members had a good time, were busy preparing unusual delicacies, presenting them in the best possible light, and earning hampers; The group was able to broaden its appeal; Nazia was able to profit from it.

Regardless of how much money Nazia makes from these collaborations, she always finds a way to give it back to the community, whether by organizing more contests or by distributing it among her team. With her earnings, She even organized a food drive program where she stood on the street to feed 100’s of poor and needy.

She further adds its the love of her family members, friends and relatives that she is able to do so much. She says “behind every successful man is a woman but in her case, it’s her father, Sk. Fakhruddin, husband Fardeen Hamid and brother Sk.Atique whose moral and physical support helps her fulfils her dream. Sk.Atique is a YouTuber and his channel’s name  is Nature And Animal With Sk.Atique. He unconditionally supports his sister Nazia to work with ease.


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