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NBA playoffs 2023: Phoenix Suns’ trade for Kevin Durant leaves them disappointed

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It’s a disappointing turn of events for the Phoenix Suns, as it seems that their trade for Kevin Durant did not meet expectations. The team’s hopes of advancing in the 2023 NBA Playoffs were dashed in the second round, as they were defeated by the Denver Nuggets in six games. In a blockbuster trade at the deadline, the Phoenix Suns have acquired Kevin Durant from the Brooklyn Nets.

The trade involved the Suns sending Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson, four unprotected first-round picks, and a 2028 pick swap to Brooklyn in exchange for the superstar forward. This move is expected to have a major impact on both teams as they look to make a push for the playoffs. The Phoenix Suns are under immense pressure to transform their team into a championship contender in short order, with significant upgrades to their roster being a top priority.

The Suns’ potential salvation this summer hinges on the success of their KCP trade and Bruce Brown signing. In a bid to bolster their roster, the Nuggets have made two daring moves. They have traded Will Barton and Monte Morris, who have been long-time role players, to Washington in exchange for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Additionally, they have secured the services of guard Bruce Brown from the Nets, signing him to a two-year, $13 million deal.

According to sources, the Suns are in need of players who possess comparable skill sets to those of Kevin Durant and Devin Booker. After a decade-long playoff drought, the Suns’ fortunes took a turn for the better with the acquisition of Chris Paul in a trade with the Thunder. Following that, Phoenix has advanced to the NBA Finals and achieved two second-round appearances.

Trading Paul won’t be a simple choice, but it appears to be the optimal solution to assist the team in rebuilding around Durant and Booker. NBA star Paul’s contract details have been revealed. The athlete has two years remaining on his contract, which amounts to a whopping $60.8 million. However, it has been reported that the upcoming season’s guarantee is only partial, with a value of $15.8 million. Furthermore, the following season is entirely unguaranteed.

The Suns are in dire need of bolstering their supporting cast around their dynamic superstar duo, as evidenced by Denver’s recent strategy of disregarding all other players on the court aside from Durant and Booker. As per sources, it appears that the time has come for Chris Paul to be traded.

After a decade-long playoff drought, the Suns’ fortunes took a turn for the better when they made a trade with the Thunder to acquire Chris Paul. Phoenix has since advanced to the NBA Finals and secured two second-round appearances. The decision to trade Paul is not expected to be an easy one, but it appears to be the most viable option to assist the team in reloading around Durant and Booker. Kevin Durant’s performance in the playoffs this year fell short of his best version, leaving the Suns without the top-notch player they were hoping for.

During the playoffs, Durant’s shot selection leaned heavily towards mid-range shots, accounting for 68 percent of his attempts. However, the Suns are in need of Durant to diversify his offensive game by taking more three-pointers, attempting more shots at the rim, and drawing more fouls to fully unleash his scoring potential. During the season, Kevin Durant maintained an average of 4.9 three-point attempts per game, with a success rate of 40.4 percent, as he traveled from Brooklyn to Phoenix.

According to sources, there is a legitimate argument for Kevin Durant to double his three-point attempts. Additionally, it has been reported that the Suns are in need of increasing their speed on the court. The regular season statistics have revealed that Phoenix scored only 10.5 fast break points per game, which is the lowest among all teams. With the upcoming offseason, the Suns are under immense pressure to revamp their roster.

This summer, there will be talks regarding the potential trade of Deandre Ayton for Kyrie Irving. The question on everyone’s mind is how much of an impact this deal would have on the Phoenix team. The question on the minds of many Phoenix Suns fans is whether or not Monty Williams should be fired. In what could potentially be a disastrous move for the Phoenix Suns, the team made a trade for Durant during the offseason.

The responsibility of salvaging the situation lies with the new ownership and front office of Phoenix. In the current NBA landscape, having a deep roster is almost as crucial as having star players. Unfortunately for Phoenix, their eight-man rotation had too many gaps that they were unable to address during the season following the KD trade. If they don’t act during the offseason, their championship aspirations may come to an abrupt end sooner than anticipated.


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