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New career paths in 2023: Six unconventional careers people now pursue in India

The days when being a lawyer, doctor, or engineer was the only career path available to young people are long gone. Over the past several years, there has been a significant change in the job scene in India. Today, if you have the will to change the world and the necessary talents, you may succeed in any industry you choose.

In truth, there are a number of less well-known yet quite lucrative jobs. People can pursue passion-driven occupations such as wedding planning or ethical hacking to make money, often more than a corporate job can provide. However, they require the proper networks and abilities.

Get a quick overview of 6 such job opportunities by reading on:

Event Planner

Event planning is a great choice if you want to develop a career in an industry that values creativity, management, and communication abilities highly. As a planner, you will organise events including weddings, birthday parties, business gatherings, exhibits, and more while rigorously considering the client’s preferences, budget, and convenience. Either work as an event planner full-time for an event management firm or as a freelancer for several customers.

A bachelor’s degree in event management, hotel management, public relations, or a similar discipline is required for this position. Organisation, networking, detail-orientation, problem-solving, communication, creativity, and interpersonal skills are examples of skills.

Ethical Hacker

The need for ethical hacking is increasing as a result of the persistent rise in cybercrimes. The lack of knowledge has, however, left this area with a skill deficit. More than 60% of Indian firms have open cybersecurity posts, according to the State of Cybersecurity Report 2022. Therefore, if IT is your field of interest, an ethical hacker may make a good living. It would be your responsibility to put different security measures in place to stop the private information of a corporation from falling into the wrong hands.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science and completion of an ethical hacking certification course are prerequisites for this position. Information gathering, website hacking, penetration testing, website security, defences, and wireless and mobile hacking are among the skills.

Personal Fitness Trainer

Training people to attain their objectives is surely a perfect career choice for you if you are enthusiastic about fitness and health. People who want to live a healthy lifestyle can get individualised workout and nutrition regimens from you as a fitness trainer. Additionally, you are free to choose the hours of work that best fit you in this job. Additionally, you get to operate in a variety of locations, including private residences, business settings, fitness clubs, and gyms. Even better, you may earn from home by offering online dietary advice and workout consultations.

Education prerequisite: A certificate programme in nutrition and fitness or a comparable discipline. Communication, leading a healthy lifestyle, understanding nutrition and fitness, and motivation are skills.

Wildlife Photographer

You should think about working as a wildlife photographer if you enjoy travelling and taking pictures. With this type of photography, you may go to various regions to photograph rare flora, animals, and landscapes in their untamed, natural state. Additionally, if you learn the technique of photographing pictures via your lens, you get the ability to arouse a variety of emotions in viewers. You can work as a full-time employee for media organisations or magazines that publish wildlife material even though the majority of wildlife photographers are independent contractors.

Bachelor’s degree in photography, marine and/or nature photography, or completion of a certification programme in professional and/or wildlife photography, is the minimum educational need. Passion for animals and the natural world, excellent technical photography abilities, and a lot of patience are required in skills.

Video Game Designer

If you spent a large portion of your youth playing video games and have always appreciated their incredibly imaginative universe, you can definitely have a successful career as a videogame designer. You can completely dominate the game industry by only fusing the fine art of storytelling with cutting-edge gaming technology. However, keep in mind that this business is progressively become more competitive, therefore you must always improve your skills and broaden your knowledge base. However, it can also provide you the freedom to work remotely while you develop original gaming concepts.

A bachelor’s degree or certificate in computer science engineering or game design is required for learning the fundamentals.

Creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, time management, and programming and software development expertise are all examples of skills.

Tea Taster

People in India place a high value on the flavours of their tea. But who would have thought that tasting tea could be a profession? For manufacturing firms, five-star hotels, the Tea Board of India, and independent buyers, tea tasters or sommeliers specialise in tasting, evaluating quality, sampling, and identifying various types of teas. Additionally, skilled individuals offer consulting services to provide guidance on creating blended combinations and the new types to be sown.

Bachelor’s degree in horticulture, agriculture, or food science is the minimum educational need. Or enrol in a diploma programme to study about tea quality, varietals, marketing, and other topics.

Skills: Accurate assessment ability, exceptional sensory abilities, first-rate communication abilities, and familiarity with the tea business and current events.


These are just a few of the several lesser-known job options that might provide you with a respectable salary and a thrilling professional experience. To learn more about your talents and abilities and to map out your professional vision, you should, if necessary, see a career coach.

Taushif Patel
Taushif Patelhttps://taushifpatel.com
Taushif Patel is a Author and Entrepreneur with 20 years of media industry experience. He is the co-founder of Target Media and publisher of INSPIRING LEADERS Magazine, Director of Times Applaud Pvt. Ltd.

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