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Thursday, March 30, 2023

NuK Healthcare introduces Liftzy transfer chair, a patient’s lifter for immobilized people.

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NuK Healthcare, with their patient’s lifter chair (Liftzy Chair) has changed the way patients are transferred from one place to another. It has become so easy!

Liftzy transfer chair- The Revolutionary Product

Transferring patients from one place to another will no longer burden caregivers or family members of the elderly and people with limited mobility. With the introduction of a quality patient lifter, NuK Healthcare has revolutionised the supportive medical devices segment.

NuK Healthcare has introduced a new product Liftzy lift & shift transfer chair.  Liftzy is a Transfer Chair with the help of which a person from the bed can be transferred to a wheelchair, bathroom, commode, car, sofa, etc. Thus, the Liftzy transfer chair is very beneficial, both for the attendant as well as for the patient. Additionally, both parties feel more secure and safe. In other words, there will be fewer chances of back pain or injuries.

Outstanding features of NuK Healthcare’s Patient Lifters:

  1. It is made from strong 304-grade stainless steel.
  2. The equipment is non-rusting, highly durable, and water-proof.
  3. Lifting and shifting become much more manageable.
  4. The device can comfortably transfer the patient to any place.
  5. It’s lightweight and also a portable device.
  6. Easy to assemble and dismantle.
  7. Customisation is possible with optional accessories like headrest, gel-based seat, commode sling and body control slings.
  8. Liftzy transfer chair comes in three variants:
    (a) Manual with crank model
    (b) Manual with hydraulic pump model
    (c) Electronic model

NuK Healthcare acts as a responsible Brand

NuK Healthcare is a well-known brand. They have the vision to manufacture safe and comfortable medical equipments. The brand’s research team has conceptualized this innovative product, “Liftzy transfer chair”, looking at the community’s needs. The company wanted to offer an effortless movement of immobilised people. With this product, NuK Healthcare has made repositioning, transporting and lifting people with disability much simpler and strain-less. The brand has used international quality material in ergonomically designing this patient lifter device, such as stainless steel, double caster brakes and gel-based fabrics for seats, etc.

Furthermore, the company’s product line includes fantastic supportive tools like wheelchairs, orthotic products, ramps, etc. Moreover, these products are lightweight and sturdy. In addition, NuK Healthcare provides warranty on its products for a year to safeguard customer’s risk.

Patient transfer device:

Transferring the elderly and patients with limited mobility is a challenging task.  The Liftzy transfer chair protects the assisting staff from overexertion and injuries while maintaining safe movement of the patient. Additionally, the weight bearing capacity, affordability, and level of mobility of this device are fantastic. Lastly, the best part is that a single person can manage the patient transfer, simplifying the in-home care.

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