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OpenAI introduces manual for teachers who want to use ChatGPT in the classroom; Details here

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OpenAI, a Microsoft subsidiary, has introduced a thorough manual designed for teachers who want to use ChatGPT, their AI chatbot, in the classroom. This tutorial offers suggestions for prompts, an explanation of ChatGPT’s capabilities and restrictions, information on the efficacy of AI detectors, and a look at potential biases.

The publication of this manual aims to improve the efficiency with which educators use ChatGPT as a teaching tool. Examples of how professors and instructors have used ChatGPT in different educational contexts have been provided by OpenAI. It has been used, for instance, to draft exams, quizzes, lesson plans, and even to support role-playing activities that replicate difficult talks.

Geetha Venugopal, a teacher at the American International School in Chennai, India, compares teaching children about AI technologies to educating them on how to use the internet responsibly. She cautions her pupils to approach ChatGPT’s suggestions with caution, pointing out that they might not always be reliable or correct. She advises pupils to double-check material using trustworthy outside sources. This method encourages students to think critically, solve problems creatively, and reinforces the value of these abilities in the learning process.

In addition to assisting educational initiatives, OpenAI also unveiled ChatGPT Enterprise, a version of their AI chatbot program geared for businesses. ChatGPT Enterprise provides extensive data analysis tools, enterprise-grade security and privacy features, unrestricted access to the faster GPT-4, expanded context windows for lengthier input, customization choices, and more. All interactions are encrypted both in transit and at rest since the solution complies with SOC 2 compliance requirements.

This initiative highlights OpenAI’s dedication to supporting the ethical and successful integration of AI technologies in both commercial and educational environments. OpenAI keeps advancing the use of AI technology by offering thorough materials for schools and specialized solutions for businesses.


OpenAI has introduced a comprehensive manual for teachers using ChatGPT, their AI chatbot, in the classroom. The manual provides tips on prompting, ChatGPT’s capabilities, limitations, AI detector efficacy, and potential biases. It aims to enhance the efficiency of using ChatGPT as a teaching tool. OpenAI has provided examples of its use in various educational contexts, such as drafting exams, quizzes, lesson plans, and role-playing activities. Teachers like Geetha Venugopal at the American International School in Chennai, India, emphasize the importance of using the internet responsibly and ensuring students double-check material. OpenAI also introduced ChatGPT Enterprise, a version for businesses, offering data analysis tools, enterprise-grade security, privacy features, and customizable options. The initiative demonstrates OpenAI’s commitment to ethical AI integration in both commercial and educational settings.

Nitin Gohil
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