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Parwal & Mirch Rs 900 Each, Indian Man Shares Shocking Price Of Veggies In London

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Eating green vegetables is of utmost importance when it comes to taking care of health but we are quite sure that there are many of us who won’t be comfortable if parwal, lauki, turai, karela, etc are served to us in lunch or dinner on a regular basis.

While our family members make us eat these green vegetables, we tend to avoid them when we move to other city or country for the purpose of study or job. However, one Twitter user got the rude shock of his life when he saw the prices of vegetables such as parwal, bhindi, etc. in the city of London and he took to Twitter to express his feelings.

The Twitter user Omkar Khandekar shared an image of vegetables with their prices and the caption of the tweet read, “London is nice and all but parwal for Rs 900/kg is”.

The price of parwal in London is 8.99 pounds which comes to Rs. 900/kg in Indian currency and in India, it can be bought at the price of around Rs. 50-55 per kg. The prices of bhindi and green chillies in London are 7.99 and 8.99 pounds which come to Rs. 800 and Rs. 900 in Indian currency, respectively. If we talk about the price of bhindi in India, then it is available for Rs. 60 per kg approx and as far as green chillies are concerned, most of us get them for free from the vegetable sellers.

Soon, Twitterati reacted on the same:

Fortunately, we don’t have to spend Rs. 900 for parwal and green chillies!!

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