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Prashant and Hemangi Nakwe’s food business Hema’s Veg Rasoi serves over 10K healthy meals of Maharashtra

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Hema’s Veg Rasoi has so far served more than 10,000 healthy meals inspired from the traditional dishes of Maharashtra. The business was founded by a Mumbai couple, Prashant and Hemangi Nakwe.

Hemangi Nakwe, a 46-year-old woman from Mumbai, decided to use her cooking skills to launch Hema’s Veg Rasoi on July 13, 2020, despite the current pandemic. She says it’s been a rewarding experience, having served over 10,000 dinners so far.

“This is the millennial generation, whose taste buds have been accustomed to pizza and burgers.

With the debut of Hema’s Veg Rasoi, I hope to show how delicious our traditional meals are,” says Hemangi, who has brought joy to many people via her cooking.

She says, “When I first arrived at my husband’s house as a new bride, my mother-in-law handed over some of her mother-in-traditional law’s kitchenware. The stone grinder and brass utensils were passed down to me, and they still have a special place in my kitchen.”

While the grinder is now purely decorative, the brass implements are still used to churn out some delights.

“I wanted to find a way to reintroduce people to traditional food and establish a taste for it,” she says, adding that she appreciates being called the founder and takes her job seriously.  “As the founder, it is my obligation to ensure that everything is prepared precisely, from the cooking to the meal reaching the client. I also make it a point to stay in touch with my clientele so that I may collect their comments.”

These minute elements, which Hemangi pays attention to, are what set her meals unique in a market inundated with amateur chefs.

Hemangi is well supported by her husband, Prashant Nawke, who used to work for a media company.

Hemangi explains, “Prashant is in charge of updating the social media pages and uploading all of the images. He has the competence in it and controls all the non-cooking related operations.”

The pair used a variety of social media platforms to spread the word, and orders began to pour in quickly.

Hemangi continues, “We don’t take more orders than we can handle. This also aids in ensuring that the food we give out is of a high quality and grade. We eat the same stuff that is delivered to others.”

Lunch is the most popular meal, and dinner numbers vary depending on the number of orders placed.

The menu is also updated on a daily basis. A vegetable gravy, dal, rice, salad, pickle, roti (3), and a sweet are on the standard lunch menu. On Saturdays, the menu is expanded to include unusual items. This is plenty for one person and costs approximately Rs 195.

Evening snacks include Idli, Ragada Pattice, and Dabeli, among other delicacies.

Doodhi (bottle gourd) halwa, Ber salad, Modak Aamti, Farali Kachori, Champakali, and Palak Khandvi are among the other dishes on the menu.

Prashant explains, “On Sunday, we take a much-needed rest. That’s the day we catch up on sleep and prepare for the week ahead.”

Hemangi explains that since the offices have reopened, corporate orders for evening refreshments have begun to arrive.

Working on Hema’s Veg Rasoi has been both tough and rewarding, according to the couple.

Prashant explains, neither he nor Hema has any experience in this industry. He said,”We’ve been learning on the job as well. Every aspect of the process, from pricing to acquiring ingredients and masalas, has been a learning experience.”

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