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Raveena Tandon Attacked by Gang: Here’s What Happened

After a group of ladies rushed actress Raveena Tandon on Saturday night, she became the center of criticism. The group claimed that the actress and her driver had raped three women, one of them was an elderly woman. Later, a video of the incident went viral online, shocking fans of Raveena Tandon.

What Exactly Was the Situation With Raveena Tandon?

A group of ladies who claim that the actress and her driver abused them have surrounded Raveena in a video that is currently making the rounds on the internet. The event happened close to Raveena’s Bandra residence. According to early accounts, three individuals were injured in an accident involving Raveena’s driver, who was allegedly driving dangerously.

Did Raveena Tandon and her driver drive under the authority?

Another storyline that garnered media attention claimed that Raveena and her driver were intoxicated when the tragedy occurred. Nevertheless, the Mumbai police rejected these claims, per an report. According to DCP Raj Tilak Roshan, no one was hurt in the event, and no charge had been brought.

Mumbai Police Discusses the Case of Raveena Tandon

The other party began yelling, “gaadi chala rahe hai,” (they are running over us), while Raveena Tandon’s driver was reversing the car to park, according to a statement provided by DCP Raj Tilak Roshan. The car did not even come into contact with any of them. Nothing happened. When they got into a fight, Raveena emerged and got involved.

He went on, “We asked both parties to submit individual complaints when they got to the police station. Both sides asserted that they had no complaints to make, nonetheless. They would have filed a complaint if they had been ran over; there was no head injury.

Statement of the Source Who Remains Near the Actress

“Raveena was alone with her children at home when the incident happened,” the portal was informed by people close to the actress. Her only reason for coming out was to defend her driver from the other party’s abuse. The actress was seen on CCTV trying to calm them down when the other group began filming. Rather, they started mistreating her and made up the excuse that she was drunk.

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