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Ryan is making Rs. 191cr on youtube, explore his journey

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Ryan is running a popular channel about kids toys and education. He is a kid and earning $26M on youtube. The role of video content in our life is increasing with the passing of every day. No doubt that when it comes to video content on the internet youtube is on the top. Many people try their channel on it but could not reach anywhere but today we are going to talk about an eight-year-old boy who nailed it. His name is Ryan and he is the highest earner YouTuber with $26M in 2019 and $22m in 2018. His name is in the top 10 rankings by Forbes. He is famous by the name Kaji on the youtube. But his real name is Ryan Guan. 

Journey to youtube

He has been running a channel by the name Ryan’s world since 2015. His parents are helping him out in this task and at the start, he was at the age of 3 but now the channel is having more than 22 million subscribers. In the starting, there were many unboxing videos included in it. Ryan usually shows the unboxing of the toys on the screen and they show the right way of playing with many toys. 

Response in billions

His many videos got more than a billion views and the channel become quite popular among a huge number of people. Gradually the size of the channel has been increasing and now more than thirty-five million people are watching his channel. Recently they changed the name of the channel after some legal issues. 

Adding new concept

Related to children’s education in the video. These educational videos are highly liked by people and more and more things are added to it. Earlier they were showing only the toys and the right way to play with them. But after adding the educational content to their video the response of the people has also increased in several folds. 

Many claims that most of the YouTubers are not even able to reach near it. They worked hard but getting such a huge response from the general public becomes very hard for them. But in the case of Ryan, they are making a big difference by giving a good response. Ryan is getting a huge response from the general public and this is what makes him very special. Internet culture among the youth has been increasing every day and this is making a very big difference in this case.

Becoming popular on youtube

Every day these watchers are growing for the youtube channel and this is what makes him more popular among everyone. This has fetched him some serious earnings from the advertising world. Generally, they prefer to have someone who can represent their products and services in a great manner. In the case of Ryan, many companies are paying him a good amount to represent their toys and other products. 

Legal complications overcome

One American organization has also claimed the compensation for it and they had to change their channel name due to this reason. You will be amazed to know that the parent company of youtube, google has been also fined for taking important information from the youtube channels and using it without the permission of the kids. This was a matter of great controversy. In the last google paid a large amount for it. But no doubt, at such a small age making such a huge profit, is a great achievement that is done by Ryan. 

In the matter of earnings, he has defeated many users and even the people with advanced knowledge about the various facts and skills are not able to make it. But Ryan without having such knowledge is making money for his innocence and having fun in front of the camera. 

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