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Failure give a better point of view through which one can march onto success

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The two interconnected phenomena that characterize human life are Failure and success. Generally, our life comprises positive and negative sides. This fact cannot be ignored.

If one thinks, that failure is a tragedy then he would be going down into stress and depression. Every failure is a part of an experience. Failures are important because it teaches you to appreciate your success more.

Every sphere of human life is constant progress. There will be many failures and complications that can seem unbearable to young people. 

A smart individual will treat these risks as a good opportunity for further development and reorganisation of his work. He should understand that he has made a mistake that has lead to unwanted result. He will keep in mind the mistakes he committed and will change his approach towards his goal accordingly. Thereafter, he will become stronger, oriented and competent.

Let’s understand and start seeing failure in an altogether different but positive perspective.

1. Don’t run away from failures

Failure is unavoidable and uncontrollable. We must be prepared to set landmarks of failures, as we set targets of success. Both failure and success provide us with an undying experience of a roller coaster journey as we move forward in the direction of our goal. No one has achieved success before failing. It is the association of success and failure that makes the life-voyage more exciting.

2. Through failure, we came across our shortcomings

Recognizing our shortcomings empowers us to deal with them, and change them into qualities by monitoring the methods we adopt. We can evade the same mistakes in future and make our trek smoother after we spot them. This causes our work all the more effectively, hence making us capable of what we do and recognize where we have to invest in more amounts of energy. This implies better outcomes and an eye for a block. Disappointment causes us to plan better and empowers us to engage ourselves and fortify our strategies.

3. It makes us tough and strong-headed

In any case, as a confident person and champ would see, Failures draw people close to their objectives. It encourages them to recognize what they shouldn’t do sparing their time and exertion in future. It fabricates them mightier and more effective as they push ahead significantly. Disappointment isn’t to fear, yet rather loved. It brings us the capacity to actively develop and put in more savvy work once we understand the motivation behind why we are falling.

4. Failures help us gain experience

Experience doesn’t accompany age alone. It accompanies the stamp of surplus measure of failed attempts. The appropriate response is, experience makes us develop and adjusts us to design our moves and face determined challenges consequently improving our system and making us skilled at what we do.

5. Disappointment causes us to find new ways

Life is an accumulation of moments. What delight is it to walk the convenient way and not face challenges? anything can occur in next moment. It gives us more data about our question and a superior awareness of our purpose.

6. Disappointment or Failure will causes us find who we truly are.

Failure and achievements are different sides of the coin of life. In the event that we flip the coin it has consistently a likelihood of 50% of winning, or losing. Winning is actually the finish of the tour. Notwithstanding, disappointment again provides us with potential outcomes and causes us investigate life better. The more we fizzle, the more prominent we have understanding of life and our own selves. We find our qualities and focuses, as we track forward investigating the expedition of life. Life doesn’t generally wind up us winning. So as to take the better course, we have to walk various streets.

Every famous person likes Einstein, Rockfeller, Nelson Mandela, Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Dhirubhai Ambani, and scores of others did not succeed the first time. Time and again they faced failures but they refused to give up and finally succeeded in achieving their aims. they found strength to continue this complicated process of self-improvement. Many people think that failure is the end of everything and they stop working hard. One must not give up, because failure is always substituted by success. You should be patient, engaged and enterprising and your dreams will come true.

“To be a champion one must play / fight one more Round.”
James J. Corvette.

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