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Ankita made a history by providing intensive information on Covid-19 in just 14 years of age.

Ankita made many discoveries about Covid-19 in her project. She is just 14 years of age but made wonderful discoveries which other could not do.

To start with, Covid-19 pandemic is the current topic of every research that is looking forward to giving some direction in the treatment. An Indian-American girl has given a mind-blowing clue about the covid-19 treatment. Moreover, her name is Anika Chebrolu and she has won the prize money of $25000 for the project work on the covid19. She took the young scientist challenge and started working in the same direction. She won the challenge and gave the pathway to the potential drug of covid-19 for successful treatment. 

Research on covid-19

Secondly, she research and successfully developed a drug for the effective treatment of covid-19. Her research is mainly focused on protein spikes. She has grabbed the attention of everyone by working on the most challenging disease at an early age. In addition, the best part is that she has done the work using the most advanced available technology that is known as in-silico methodology. She successfully found the molecule which is responsible for the spike of protein of the harmful virus. 

Personal interest

Thirdly, Ankita states the fact that in the last day’s media was focused on her search work because of the involvement of the SARS-COV-2 virus study. Furthermore, she added that her studies show the hope of going back to normal life and ending this pandemic. Moreover, she personally wants everyone to go back to normal life again and get productive in their life one more time. She has shown us the right path and she is working in the same direction with the regular efforts she is making. 

Normal flu to covid-19

In addition, you will be amazed to know the fact that originally her subject of the research was normal flu, which spread in a particular season only. However, when the pandemic hit she changed her subject and made it to covid-19. She took the help of several computer programs and started working to find the right way of treating the covid-19. In the starting, she worked on the fact that how this particular virus is spreading so fast and what can be a potential method of stopping it. 

Inspiration from family

Moreover, she said that she got great inspiration from her grandfather. He was also in the science sector and worked as a chemistry professor for a long time. He also taught many things about the elements and science to Ankita. Therefore, this helped her to develop her initial interest in science and now she just loves it. Now she has the dream of working as a medical researcher and develop effective treatment and do intensive research work in the same sector. 

Dealing pandemic

Next, it is a noteworthy fact that after the report of the first case in china several people have suffered a lot from this particular virus. Many have lost their lives and counting is still going on. There is no effective and guaranteed medicine available. Effective medicine can treat this particular virus and provide immunity against the virus. However, the research work of Anika is making headlines because she has done remarkable work in the same direction, which even the big corporate houses could not do. 

Moreover, government of the several countries is working hard to find a suitable treatment to deal with this particular virus. In this crucial time, every part of the information about the virus structure and working method has a very important value to find the potential treatment for it. 


To sum up, at this time, Anikta has done good work. The mesmerizing fact is that at her age most of the children just focus on playing video games. But she has taken the youngest scientist challenge and has won the money of $25000. This proves the fact when you want to do something big, your age is nothing just a number. 


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