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Salman Khan says Bigg Boss will play the game this season in a sneak peek at Season 16 of Bigg Boss

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Bigg Boss Season 16’s thrilling first teaser, presented by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, was unveiled by Colors on Sunday.

“Inn 15 saalon mein sabne khela apna apna game, lekin ab baari hai Bigg Boss ke khelne ki,” the teaser’s caption on social media stated. Bigg Boss 16 is dekhiye jald hi, sirf colours par!

Earlier seasons of Bigg Boss are briefly seen at the start of the teaser. Salman Khan, the host, is heard in the video remarking that the audience has watched the participants’ games up to this point. However, Bigg Boss will participate in the game this season. Nothing in the new Bigg Boss season is exactly as it looks, the host of the show suggests. Salman reiterates that Bigg Boss would be a part of the game in Bigg Boss Season 16 at the end of the teaser.

“What if you wake up one morning and you realise the world has turned upside down? ” asks the Bigg Boss Season 16 synopsis. Time rotates counter-clockwise, gravity is gone, the moon rises during the day, and nothing is logical anymore. Your worst concerns will appear like a beautiful recollection from the past. Beware, a new dawn is upon you, and nothing but the unexpected should be expected. Buckle up because this is the time of year when all the drama and entertainment takes place. You did read that correctly. The newest season of India’s favourite reality show, “BIGG BOSS,” will return to COLORS, hosted by none other than megastar Salman Khan.

Bigg Boss 16’s contestants and theme have not yet been revealed.


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