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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

WOWS Global partners with Investopia for startup funding in SE Asia, India     

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WOWS Global has entered a strategic partnership with Investopia. The aim is to bring financing opportunities for startups in South-East Asia and India.

WOWS Global, located in Singapore, and Investopia, based in India, have formed a strategic alliance to expose private market investment possibilities in their respective economies to a larger network of investors in Southeast Asia and India.

WOWS Global is a firm that connects entrepreneurs with investors in the Southeast Asian market for both primary and secondary transactions.

WOWS Global has successfully built a network of growing early-stage companies in Southeast Asia that rely on the company’s expertise to source investors by providing startups with cutting-edge equity management tools such as Cap Table Management, ESOP Management, and Virtual Data Room, as well as advisory services.

WOWS Global is on a mission to revolutionise the startup fundraising experience by decreasing the fundraising lifecycle by 6X via an end-to-end digital ecosystem. Similarly, Investopia facilitates secondary transactions inside the Indian startup ecosystem and has concluded a number of deals using its end-to-end automated transaction platform.

The company’s objective is to democratise access to private market investment opportunities, particularly in tier 2 and tier 3 Indian cities, by requiring no minimum ticket size from investors.

The commitment of both organisations to facilitate stock transactions inside their respective areas was the driving reason for the formation of this alliance to benefit on mutual market synergies.

Gagan Singh, Founder and CEO of WOWS Global, stated, “Overseas investors are interested in Indian startups, and by forging this relationship, WOWS & Investopia unlock the ability to bring a wider array of cross border exclusive funding opportunities to the existing startups and investors in our networks.” Under this effort, Indian entrepreneurs in the Investopia network will have access to WOWS equity management tools as well as exposure to the investors represented by WOWS Global.

Paramjeet Singh, Managing Director of Investopia, said, ‘WOWS Worldwide investor interest in the Indian market is a sign of the global optimistic outlook Indian entrepreneurs have earned and is a monument to the region’s prior performance despite current difficult market conditions.’

WOWS Global and Investopia are now looking for Indian firms interested in selling their shares on the secondary market to kick off this collaboration.

WOWS Global and Investopia investors are mainly interested in acquiring secondary shares in tech-based Pre-Series A to Late-Stage firms, with a ticket size appetite of USD$ 1 – 50 million per transaction. Founders, early investors, and ESOP holders who want to sell their stock should contact WOWS Global or Investopia directly to indicate their interest in permitting secondary transactions.)


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