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Security Guard Abhimanyu Earns Rs 2 Lakh/Month with Tea Startup After After Losing his Job.

With winter approaching straight what will be more comfortable than getting a hot cup of tea at your doorstep office or household.  Well, this tea delivery company created by Abhimanyu based in Pune promises to do just that.

Story from failure to success

Abhimanyu is going to provide you with hot tea delivered at your door and he is just a single telephone call. And if you’re a new client, the tea is free of charge! So hurry up give a call and get the tea delivered at your doorstep.

How did it start?

Started in June 2020, Abhimanyu a tea startup has five employees who deliver nearly 700 cups of tea a day and earns an income of Rs. 50,000 a month. But Revan, a 28-year-old gentleman says he never wanted to be a businessman. He has made the most of what he has on a journey of achievement.

Revan little suspected that one week later, due to the pandemic of coronavirus, the country would be shut down strictly. The new contractor lost all the savings he had invested in his company due to the unforeseen turn of events.

In June, Revan saw a chance to return to his feet somewhere over the months. The city began to open slowly around that time, and people returned to work in small quantities. But employees in the manufacturing and bank sectors were still worried about approaching their nearest tea sellers because of their health issues.

Revan noticed that the second issue was that the tea was wrapped in plastic bags, which were unhealthy and not of customer preferences. He wanted to make it his sales point with protection being his focus. So he began to approach prospective customers directly in their offices with a thermal and paper cup. To increase his business he provided the first service free and later led to growth in his business.

Growth of Business

For two months Revan continued his free tea exercise. The banks and industrial and commercial areas distributed tea to employees of the bank. The customers started to call him for orders after some time. The startup also provides coffee and hot milk along with ginger tea. At Rs 6 there is a small cup of tea offered, while a large cup is at Rs 10.

Most potential clients who tried Abhimanyu tea were delighted that it was hygienically and safe drinks that were easily delivered to their desk without being afraid of endangering health in the tea room.

Around 700 cups are served by Abhimanyu in all of Pimpri Chinchwad from six months after the operation, and the Revan venture gained Rs 2,000 daily income. The monthly business has scaled up to 2 lakhs a month, with profits of approximately 50 thousand.

Providing services to others

The entrepreneur says it wouldn’t have been possible without his elder brother, although his financial situation had improved compared with a year earlier. After Revan’s first company collapsed, his family lost trust in him. But his elder brother Sidharam encouraged Revan in tough times also.

When asked what his family thinks of his success now, Revan answers, that today his family admires and encourages his efforts. Revan also began supporting his village students and most of the poor students are going to study there. Revan wishes to provide education to unprivileged students and for now, he can only afford five students and is willing to reach out to more, as his finance permits him. He has also arranged a room for rent to take care of their lodging costs and the cost of food.


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