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Shop Kirana helps retailers meet customer needs

Tanutejas Saraswat, Sumit Ghorawat, and Deepak Dhanotiya established Shop Kirana in 2015. It is a B2B platform with the goal of educating Indian retailers.

As we all know, living in isolated and rural locations is difficult, especially when basic amenities and necessities are unavailable. There will be no market for branded and superior items.Retailers must conduct their companies with restricted items due to a lack of a supply network for poor products in second-tier locations. It might be a lack of mobility or a lack of awareness of the items on the market owing to a lack of education.

A startup firm called “Shop Kirana” exists to address these market inadequacies by providing technology, supply chain innovation, and empowering merchants by leveraging their operational skills and scale advantage.

They intend to connect all market merchants and shopkeepers into a technology platform, educate them on the most recent marketing criteria, and enable them to access items directly to ultimate customers.

Tanutejas Saraswat, Sumit Ghorawat, and Deepak Dhanotiya established the firm in 2015.

A smartphone app linked the first Shop Kirana with Indore-based shopkeepers. It is a B2B platform with the goal of providing technical expertise and creative supply chain management to Indian merchants.

Shop Kirana works directly with companies to understand their need and fulfill it using deep marketing knowledge.

They are also directly connected with brands and use technology and smart supply chain management to obtain products within 48 hours of demand. With the company’s strategy, retailers are trading with India’s 1.2 billion-plus people.

The firm employs 15 technologies and services, ranging from HTML5 and jQuery to the G2 stack and Google Analytics.

Shopkirana’s website employs 39 technologies, including viewport meta, SSL by default, and iPhone/Mobile Compatible, according to BuiltWith.


The company’s objective is to promote client competitiveness and profitability.

The objective of the organization is to strengthen customer competitiveness and to expand the list of needs, space, and attractiveness for business. To improve profits and revenues while increasing product productivity

To educate merchants on the latest technology and integrate them in the most effective manner to reach the objective.

Shop Kirana aspires to be a retail-centric association for all Indian businesses. It also advances on other important services such as banking, information technology, loans, and ordering.

They employ the most basic systems, tools, and procedures to allow stakeholders to quickly process their operations. Even if no one is criticizing their work, they do it with sincerity and honesty. The organization believes in the value of mutual respect.

They earned it and treat everyone in the organization with the highest respect.


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