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These 2 entrepreneurs built startup to free India from plastic water bottles

Suneeth Tatineni and Chaitanya Ainapudi are using biodegradable cardboard water bottles instead of plastic water bottles. By abandoning their cushy lives, the two ITs developed eco-friendly water bottles with the goal of reducing plastic waste.

We are all aware that using plastic is detrimental to our world, yet we are still battling to break the habit since it has become a daily regular action for us. We are needed to utilize it in some other methods, and this can be elevated only when we have another alternative that may satisfy our desires.

Because of product leaks during shipping, replacing plastic, which contains liquid forms, is a major problem. Water bottles are one example.

During these hot summers, everyone will be carrying water bottles with them, and how to replenish them will be an issue.

Suneeth Tatineni and Chaitanya Ainapudi, two young entrepreneurs from Hyderabad, have created a wonderful creative product to replace plastic water bottles that is bio-degradable and made of cardboard.

By abandoning their cushy lives, the two ITs developed eco-friendly water bottles with the goal of reducing plastic waste.

Suneeth Tatineni was raised by people who stacked their fridge with glass water bottles and their kitchen with steel cans.

Suneeth was always concerned about the usage of plastic water bottles, therefore he founded the eco-friendly water bottle “Caro Water” with his brother-in-law and co-founder, Chaitanya Ainapudi.

They offer a diverse choice of items based on the needs. A 5-liter bottle with all blues indicating purity and environmental friendliness, excellent for placing in the bedroom and readily transportable in automobiles, priced approximately Rs.75/-

A 10-liter bottle made specifically for kitchen usage and readily distributed while making meals is another choice here.

The 20-liter water bottle is the biggest of those meant for business settings and offices.

When compared to plastic containers, we might feel lighter. All bottles are created in a way that allows you to experience earthy.

Over 1.3 billion individuals, or 17.7 percent of the world’s population, have been working for several years to limit their use of plastic, but as the population grows, so does their use of plastic.

The daily majority of which comes from water bottles that people use on a daily basis, therefore they decided to modify the way people use water bottles. That is where the Caro Water was born.

“A person traveling long distance will use at least 5 liters of water bottles,” says Suneeth Tatineni, co-founder of Caro water. Only half of them are recycled, with the remaining bottles being disposed of in landfills, which is a severe problem.

To find a solution to this issue, we have started packing water in cardboard boxes wherein nutrition-enriched water is filled into a recyclable bag in box bags.”

Caro Water’s operations team now employs three cars, four scooties, and seven delivery executives to transport the product.

They intend to introduce e-cars soon in order to minimize pollution from their vehicles, contribute to the environment, and promote their business in an eco-friendly manner.

Suneeth stated that creating job opportunities has always been on their to-do list since the company’s inception.

Not only is drinking water included, but so are other culinary products such as cold press oils, juices, flavored water, and many more.


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