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Success only comes with perseverance

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The fact that we have our parents’ love and support prevents many of us from seeing the less glamorous aspects of growing up. Working hard and making sacrifices is the only way to achieve success. During her formative years, Jashoda Madhavji created this.

They offer us devoted support, considerate consideration, high-quality teaching, and so forth. Whatever the case, some of us might not have the best of luck on a daily basis. For such people, finding the impetus for optimism requires navigating through the darkness.

When she was a little girl, Jashoda Madhavji, a VIP marketing professional and image specialist, had a similar fate.

Vaishnavi and Jashoda were raised by their aunt and granddad after their mother abandoned them when they were just two years old. Her aunt is a gifted healer who eventually manages Hamilton Studios while her granddad is the proprietor of Hamilton Studios, a well-known film company.

Jashoda spent her spare time working at her grandfather’s studio when she was 18 and a secondary student. She spent a considerable amount of time there and learned the fundamentals of becoming a successful businessperson. She experimented with teaching, occasion boards, well-known executives, and film production after graduating before landing on advertising (PR), and she hasn’t looked back since.

Her struggle, which is the secret to her success: At first, she tried to intern for a board organisation event, but it quickly self-destructed. Jashoda was required to look at further options. After some time, she finally found someone who introduced her to the topic of brand building and photo counselling. She adapted to other verticals quickly since she learned things quickly, from fashion for a long time to business shows, retail brands to sports associations.

As a result of her work with some of India’s top PR firms, she was able to see how large advertising businesses catered to clients with ample resources while still needing to show concern for clients who couldn’t afford to pay for their exorbitant retainers. Jashoda had a gap to fill in this area. She was aware that talent is not lacking anywhere in the world. They needed reserves, so capable people stuck behind.

Jashoda took this as a test and abandoned his granddad’s background to pursue a higher standard in the PR industry. She abandoned the conventional ways and adopted a Do-It-Yourself strategy out of a hungry desire to research. In an attempt to learn more, she moved. Someone once told her that due to her “unusual” working habits, she could never succeed as a businessperson.

She didn’t have a long list of clients when she started her company, “Dream N Hustle Media,” but she persisted in her struggle. She persisted in working hard, put in at least 100 hours a week, and made cool choices for even the most arbitrary organisations. As a result, her target audience now includes well-known individuals like Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Wiz Khalifa, Jason Derulo, Bryan Adams, Akon, Pitbull, LMFAO, Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, David Guetta, Avicii, Sean Paul, Superwoman, Hardwell, and Afrojack,

She talks about the Akon India Tour and her favourite memories. He spent the entire evening giving press interviews despite being jet tired and going straight from the question and answer session to the cleanup.

She recalls how the barrier in one of the cities self-destructed, and all of the spectators fled to the theatre. Being influenced by his fans, Akon was in no way perplexed. Jashoda was the only woman in the escort, so he made sure he provided security to guarantee she could safely make her way to the car.

Jashoda believes that one should hang out with like-minded individuals and never downplay their unique talents and fashion sense. That is what sets itself out from the rest and establishes a reputation for itself. She makes sure that every member of her team is fresh and creative, and that they never let up. She exhorts them to engage in the routine activities that reawaken their desire to move forward and achieve bigger and better goals as well as the secret to success.


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