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Success story of RVCJ : How a simple Facebook page turned into a brand

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The Success story of RVCJ is an inspiration for many out there. Let us know about their journey a bit more.

RajnikantVsCIDJokes (RVCJ) has a large following on social media, with 14 million Facebook fans, 5.6 million Instagram followers, 2,71,000 Twitter followers & 25 lakh youtube subscriber. On their Facebook page, they have over 800,000 followers from Bengaluru alone, with more than 60% of their members being between the ages of 18 and 35. “After a long day at work, some teens, students, and office workers become irritated. They want someone to make them laugh to release tension,” says creator and CEO Shahid Javed Ansari, an MBA graduate explaining the Success story of RVCJ.

The first step on the ladder of success

Rome was not built in a day, and neither is Rajnikant V/S CID Jokes, or RVCJ for short. I’ve been a part of this great Facebook community and website for over two years, and being a writer here is like a dream come true. To be honest, I’ve been a fan of RVCJ since its inception and was eager to connect with it in any case. In early 2015, my desire came true when I was offered a position here. But what is it about RVCJ that so many people, including myself, want to be associated with it?

People often come across articles that discuss the aspects that contributed to RVCJ’s success, and people seem to be obsessed with learning the narrative of RVCJ from the beginning, when the page was just getting started. Naturally, having more than 13 million people is a difficult task that takes decades to accomplish, but RVCJ accomplished it in just 7 years, which is a remarkable achievement in and of itself.

You, like many others, may be interested about how RVCJ grew from a basic Facebook page to a brand. We’ve already published a handful of pieces on the subject, but now we’re bringing you RVCJ’s 7-year success stories in only 8 minutes!

The Bahubalis behind the idea

So be ready to meet the RVCJ Baahubalis and learn about their incredible experiences. Believe me, if you put yourself in their shoes, you’d get chills just thinking about all the ups and downs they faced on this incredible journey!!

Here are three fools Shahid Javed, Ankit Mor & Harpreet Bajwa who selflessly abandoned their careers only to make people laugh! There would be no one like them, because two of them are not only married but also have children, and despite having family obligations, they didn’t hesitate to quit their employment! They’re clearly fools, but they’ve gathered 13 million individuals together on a single platform, and the sky’s the limit now! This was the Success story of RVCJ.

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