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Meet Sujata Patekar: Shiv Sena Corporator who has done remarkable work for Ward No. 4

When you work selflessly for others, you not only win the admiration of those you serve, but feel the satistfaction of doing something valuable. Shiv Sena Corporator, Ward No.4, Sujata Udesh Patekar, who is endowed with an helping attitude, understands this very well.

Sujata Patekar is always willing to assist anyone in need, including the impoverished. Sujata belongs to the Shivsena Party, which selected her for the works as she is young and educated.

She was initially elected to render her services as Corporator for Ward No. 5 in 2007. Sujata was later elected to work in the same position for Ward No. 4 in 2017.

She was recently ranked 4th by Mumbai, Maharashtra-based NGO Praja Foundation for her work performance.

Remarkable work done during Sujata Patekar’s tenure in Ward No. 4.

Sujata Patekar has done a great amount of work since she was elected for Ward No. 4.

The following major projects have been implemented during her tenure:

1. Dispensary in Dahisar (E)

2. Samaaj Kalyaan Center for social welfare.

3. Water works in mountain area.

4. Sujata also got maps installed in Ward No. 4 to help the public.

Dahisar (E) did not have a dispensary in the last 40 years, so the construction of the dispensary was done there during Sujata’s tenure. She set up a social welfare center, called the Nanasaheb Dharmadhikar Samaj Kalyan Centre, which will be inaugurated by Chief honorable guest in 2022.

There was a major water problem in the mountain area, which falls in Sujata’s department. She solved the problem by installing booster pumps for the tribal people living there.

Planning, tender work and bhoomi pujan were all done under Sujata’s supervision, when the Jaltaran Lake was built for Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). She worked hard for the project and visited the Mantralay many times for it.

Since she was elected for Ward No. 4, Sujata installed borewells in 48 buildings. She also set up organ donation camps for public awareness.

Sujata also promoted prevention of theft and safety of women in her Ward where she installed CCTV, which is hardly there in any other ward. She was elected earlier with 293 votes. However, Sujata was elected in 2017, by 4768 votes.

The Manjhi Vasundhara (My earth) climate-change project (launched by the GoMAH where free fruit & tree saplings are distributed) was successfully monitored under Sujata Patekar’s guidance in several educational institutions and housing societies. Mahadev Garden was also built during her tenure, along with parking slot, school for the middle class and lower people.

Sujata has made some best uses of the corporator fund. She has used the money for distribution of free percolation pits to housing societies for rainwater conservation. Sujata also used the corporator fund for woman empowerment by distributing sewing machines, and in-house flour mills machines to poor women to help them to become financially independent.

Sujata has also played the role of a Covid-19 warrior by being in the forefront for residents of her Ward during the pandemic. Covid-1 9 patients had a significant need for Oxygen, and so Sujata looked after providing it to the patients. Availability of food became a major problem during the Covid-19 lockdown. Sujata distributed food packages at Adivasi Pada and National Park in such difficult times. She also looked after the distribution of masks, sanitizers, and other vital material required during the pandemic.

Sujata’s son is a doctor, who also formed a team during Covid-19 and did temperature check-up and oxygen level check-up for Ward No. 4.

After all the commendable work she has done, Sujata Patekar feels the satistfaction of doing something valuable and guarantees that she will keep her promises 100 percent of the time.


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