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Suniel Shetty seeks Adityanath’s help to end ‘Boycott Bollywood’; is bombarded by trolls

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Former Bollywood actor, Suniel Shetty, asked Yogi Adityanath to seek Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s help in bringing the  ‘Boycott Bollywood’ hashtags on social media to an end. But, instead of being appreciated by netizens, the former actors was bombarded by their  trolls.

Suniel Shetty, a former Bollywood actor, begged Yogi Adityanath for aid in protecting the business from the rising unfavourable public opinion of it in a video that has gone popular on social media.

Shetty noted the ‘Boycott Bollywood’ hashtags on social media and requested Adityanath to seek Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s help in ending them.

‘Ninety-nine percent people in Bollywood are good’, he claimed, adding that, “We don’t go drugs all day” and “we are involved with positive things also”.

Shetty’s petition might lead to two major conclusions regarding the current status of Bollywood.

One, it verifies the hypothesis that the ‘Boycott Bollywood’ campaign – which began online but is now spreading to the streets – is truly creating a dent in Bollywood’s profitability, regardless of what the industry’s bigwigs say in politically correct remarks or what “independent” studies or voices say.

Second, Bollywood has learned nothing from the movement.

Shetty expressed the collective Bollywood perspective on how the industry plans to deal with the feeling by urgently attempting to hide the symptoms by asking CM Adityanath to beg PM Modi to stop the boycott hashtags.

It’s apparent that many business titans are still in denial about the core causes of the movement and are unaware of who is driving it. People are driving the campaign, and the cause is Bollywood’s harmful content.

As previously said, some of the factors that have contributed to Bollywood’s rapid decline include:

Selective activism on social issues, religious propagation that benefits neighbouring countries while harming India internally, a long legacy of mockery of Hindu beliefs and customs, arrogance on the part of’stars,’ almost all of whom are from families with a long legacy in Bollywood, a lack of creative talent and hard work, disproportionate reliance on a group of men who take home an exorbitant chunk of the budget, and a complete disconnect between the’stars’ and audience, and proof of serial plagiarism.Shetty’s comment demonstrates that Bollywood has yet to see that the anti-Bollywood attitude is a people’s movement, and that just removing specific hashtags would not address the problem.

This denial was earlier seen in actor Arjun Kapoor’s statement made in August that the ‘boycott Bollywood’ trend was ‘allowed’ to grow by the silence of Bollywood biggies who were “too decent” to combat it; actor Vijay Deverakonda’s statement when he dismissed the movement as being of zero impact; and filmmaker Anurag Kashyap’s joke that he wanted to be ‘boycotted’ too by the public to be seen in the same league as Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar.

If Bollywood is serious about confronting reality, it should do the following:

-Get off your high horse and stop believing that their world is only for VVIPs and that the average citizen is so worthless that he should be waving at their bungalows from the streets even if he is lathi-charged by the cops.

-Hold debates and interactions with the movement’s social media influencers.

It’s simple. Instead, the’stars’ are asking the PM to order people to start liking them (an odd request), while their troll army is harassing and insulting detractors on social media.

-It is hardly a secret that one of the early—and major—drivers of the movement was actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who died abruptly in June 2020. What is preventing Bollywood celebrities from seeing Sushant’s family members, who continue to seek a high-level investigation into his murder, or from apologising to the public for remaining mostly mute following his death, if only to gain their trust?

-Develop a system for withdrawing content that has offended the majority population’s sensibilities and beliefs.

Far from it, films produced barely a year ago have offered incredibly unpleasant content.

Sadly netizens bombarded Suniel with trolls. One netizen remarked, “Where was Bollywood at the time of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death .. No one from Bollywood said anything then.” 

Another said, “This will happen as long as Nepotism will be there in Bollywood.”

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