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Team India may face trouble in ODI series; BCCI to take final decision soon!

Team India will travel to the West Indies in July for a series of matches that will include two tests, three one-day internationals, and five Twenty20 Internationals. There is uncertainty around the possibility of a three-match One-Day International series between India and Afghanistan.

At this time, every member of Team India was participating in the Indian Premier League. Players from the six different teams who have been chosen to compete in the World Test Championship have already arrived in England. It is common knowledge that athletes representing the last four teams will go to The Oval on the 29th of May.

From the 7th through the 11th of June, WTC 2023’s championship match will be played. On the other hand, the 12th of June has been set aside as a backup date in case the championship match has to be postponed due to inclement weather; on this day, another match will take place. That is, the final member of Team India will have left by the latest on June 12th.

However, following this, the Indian team won’t step foot back onto the cricket pitch again. In looking at the future tour itinerary for Team India, it has been determined that he is required to travel on a tour of the West Indies in the month of July; however, the specific date and timetable for this visit have not yet been disclosed. It had been reported that the Indian side may compete in a one-day international series against Afghanistan between the dates of June 20 and 30, however there is now an air of uncertainty around the possibility of this happening.

The One-Day International series between India and Afghanistan has not yet been decided.

There was discussion of India and Afghanistan playing in a three-match One-Day International series, but it currently appears that this won’t be happening. It has come to our attention that there would be difficulties involved in putting on a complete ODI series on June 30 following the conclusion of the WTC final.

Beginning on August 12, the Indian cricket team will go to the West Indies for a series of matches that will include two tests, three one-day internationals, and five Twenty20 Internationals. According to a report by Cricbuzz, originally it was thought that there may be a three-match series between India and Afghanistan from June 20 to 30, and after that, Team India would sail for the West Indies on July 7. This prediction was made based on the information that was available at the time.

There is recent information indicating that preparations for the Asia Cup 2023 would begin on September 1. Following this, the One-Day International World Cup will take place in India between the months of October and November. That is, the matches and series are being played one after the other, making it impossible for the players to have any rest in between.

The President of the Afghanistan Cricket Board is now in India, where the ultimate decision about Afghanistan’s participation in the Asia Cup will be made. While everything is going on, the President of the Afghanistan Cricket Board, Mirwaiz Ashraf, is now in India to witness the final of the Indian Premier League.

It has come to our attention that there will also be an ACC meeting on the 28th of May, the purpose of which is to determine the final schedule and sites for the Asia Cup. Jai Shah, who also serves as the Secretary of the BCCI, is now serving as President of the ACCS. During this period, it is feasible that India and Afghanistan will explore playing a minor series against each other; but, the likelihood of this happening appears to be quite low at the present. But if a significant choice is made at the eleventh hour, there is nothing more that can be stated at this time.

After the conclusion of the World Test Championship, the schedule for the India vs. West Indies series may be revealed. Along with this, the potential dates of the lengthy series that will be played between India and West Indies have been brought to light. However, the day of the week on which each match would be played is not something that has been agreed upon as of yet.

According to a report, Cricket West Indies has reportedly provided a potential program for the timetable of the series. However, the BCCI has not yet provided a go-ahead for the proposal, which is a matter of dispute.

It has come to our attention that a number of BCCI executives will fly to England in the course of the WTC final. While in England, the West Indies series can be completed, and the schedule can be revealed. What the highest-ranking BCCI executives choose to do about this matter remains to be seen.


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