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Techie who spends millions to remain young forever swaps blood with his father & son

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A techie, called Bryan Johnson, is spending millions of dollars on therapies to stop himself from becoming old. Among other things, the tech entrepreneur is swapping blood with his own elderly father, and teenage son.

On April 3, 45-year-old software entrepreneur Bryan Johnson and his 70-year-old father Richard and 17-year-old son Talmage arrive at a Dallas health clinic to exchange blood plasma for many hours. Talmage initially has a liter of his blood extracted and turned into plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets by a machine.

Bryan then gets his son’s plasma injected into his veins. Johnson is investing millions of dollars on medical diagnoses and therapies and a carefully planned diet, sleep, and exercise program to prevent or reverse aging. Plasma infusions cure liver, burn, and blood diseases in traditional medicine.

Plasma rejuvenation became popular during the COVID-19 epidemic. Scientists and fans are left with mouse data, which many consider inconclusive. Some longevity researchers advise healthy individuals avoid elective plasma transfusions. Johnson’s medical team has authorized the operation for cognitive decline and possibly preventing Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Johnson meticulously monitors his blood, brain, and organ function to quantify transfusion effects.

He has given his body to scientists for a variety of surgeries to advance longevity technologies and establish health measures. Johnson has reduced the plasma draw time to 80 minutes by working with his phlebotomist to adjust the machine flow rate and needle size. His medical spa is Resurgence Wellness, which offers hormone therapies, “body sculpting” to remove fat, and platelet-rich plasma injections for achy knees. Johnson celebrates with his kid, father, and Blueprint team before his clinic family day. Richard is conservative and from Utah and worried about his veins collapsing.

He started the Blueprint regimen, concentrating on exercise, veggies, and vitamins, and after losing 50 pounds, he is doing the best work he’s ever done. In most cases, parents sacrifice for their children. Bryan and Richard had a rocky history, but the plasma exchange renews their relationship and strengthens their relationship. Richard’s vein survives, but his reddish, murky plasma isn’t as beautiful as his family’s. Richard cries and describes flesh-giving as both physical and emotional.

Biochemist Brenner recommends a lengthy trek for anybody contemplating this surgery. Johnson believes that executing a tri-generational plasma exchange and asking a reporter to observe it is a way to show what’s feasible and healthy for the body and open people’s eyes to new ideas. He pledges to publish it all in months.

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