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Monday, April 15, 2024

The Futuristic Solution to River Pollution: A Robotic ‘Shark’ that Eats Plastic Waste

There’s a new shark in the ocean, but this one prefers to pick up rubbish rather than eat fish.

According to reports, Richard Hardiman and his business Ran Marine devised it after witnessing two guys struggle to capture rubbish from their boat in his native city of Cape Town, South Africa.

The WasteShark is a novel technology inspired by the huge mouth of a whale shark, which gobbles up everything is in front of it. It has a daily capacity of 21,000 trash bottles.

However, before you assume this machine will attack you on the nearby beach, it should be remembered that the WasteShark is now exclusively deployed at London’s Canary Wharf. This area, which is near the River Thames in London, welcomes 120,000 visitors each day who come to work or shop. The Canary Wharf Group, which oversees the region, has led several attempts to lessen single-use plastics.

But despite their best efforts, lunch wrappers and coffee mugs still wind up in the lake. Because it is also environmentally friendly, the WasteShark is perfect for combating that sort of pollution. This is due to the fact that WasteShark is entirely electric. Additionally, it is quiet enough to not disturb wildlife.

The endeavour is similar to the Ocean Clean Up, another programme that is actively sanitising our seas. Similar to the WaterShark project, but on a far greater scale.


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