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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Ready for Takeoff: Glide to Your Boarding Gate on a Slide at this Airport!

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How often have you wished you could leave airport check-in and go right up to the security gate? Although there isn’t much you can do elsewhere to avoid dragging your luggage around, Singapore’s Changi Airport permits you to easily pass past it.

Unquestionably, Singapore’s Changi Airport is among the greatest airports in the world. It resembles an upscale mall with the newest technology, a large number of eateries, art installations, and theatres. Even slides for adults and children are available at the airport, as if that weren’t enough already.

We won’t be shocked if the airport has heavy foot traffic in the future after a video that shows slides at Airport’s Terminal 4 went viral a few days ago.

You can use the conventional escalator or the slides at the airport (who in their right mind would take the escalator?). There is as well larger slide in Terminal 3 of the airport, which is the highest slide in Singapore, at four floors tall.

What else is there? The rides are free to the public and do not require you to be a traveller. A slide inside the terminal stores and eateries costs $10.

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