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Thursday, October 5, 2023

The Indian cricket team unveiled its new jersey for the T20 World Cup

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The India cricket team’s jersey has changed quite a bit over time. From the classic World Cup jersey from 2003, which had the tricolour painted from the bottom to the centre and featured dark blue lines on the sides, to the jersey from 2011, which was a medium-toned shade with the tricolour stripes on both sides. With a few tiny differences here and there, the more recent jerseys from 2020 and 2021 pay homage to the Oxford Blue jersey from 1992.

Following tradition, the BCCI debuted India’s new jersey on Sunday for the forthcoming T20 World Cup as well as their home series against Australia and South Africa. This jersey has a lighter shade of blue than the more recent darker blue ones, which may recall fans of older jerseys.

On October 23, India’s T20 World Cup campaign will get underway against Pakistan.
However, India will play Australia in a three-match T20I series before the World Cup, which begins on Tuesday. Prior to the first T20I, captain Rohit Sharma stated that KL Rahul would open alongside Virat Kohli at the T20 World Cup while Kohli would serve as a backup opener. In addition, he said that leg-spinner Ravi Bishnoi was regretfully left out because he preferred R Ashwin, who adds a fresh perspective to the team’s balance.

“KL Rahul will start at the T20 World Cup for our team. We won’t be playing about with that position very much. His performances are frequently ignored. For India, he is a key player, Rohit told media in Mohali.

“It is always wonderful to have options available for you, especially if you are heading into a competition like the T20 World Cup, you want that flexibility,” the speaker added of Virat Kohli as an opening option. We have the option, and he can open because we didn’t take the third opener.

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