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The trend of Single Women is on Rising in India

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It is common for these women to hear from various sources such as family, relatives, society, etc. about when they are tying the knot. But the trend of single women is on rising.

The 2000s have seen a tremendous rise in trend of single women all over India even though the societal stereotypes are against this trend. This is a new gender-specific phenomenon that is defining current age with the rise in the number of single women who are independent and successful.

Most of these women are not just unmarried but also include divorced and separated women. They have finally taken the decision to take the reins of their life in their own hands.

What do statistics have to say about the growing trend of single women in India?

As per census data collected by the Government of India, a whopping 39% rise in the number of single women has been observed in India from 5 crore unattached women in 2001 to 7.14 crore unmarried women in 2011.

While most of these women who are single by choice are prone to social stigma and abuses regularly. They face backlash for their decisions. Most of them prefer to stay away from their families to avoid the effects of societal pressures or an inability to find a perfect spouse. A majority of these women are staying alone or in shared residences in metropolitan cities for work and education purposes.

Why is the trend of single women on the rise in India?

According to thorough research on average, a married woman has to spend approximately 3 hours daily on household work. Whereas, married women have to spend 2 hours on all the household work. Some married women who are financially well off have to spend even less than 2 hours to run their household. This provides them extra time to invest in their passion, career, or other dreams that otherwise they weren’t entitled to follow.

Being single by choice also helps women live life their way and not try to fit into the box that others have decided for them. In India, women are subjected to various stereotypes and restrictions on the name of commitment and marriage. They are forced to live up to unrealistic expectations. The terrible discrimination between male and female have always put women on the shorter end of the rope. They are expected to sacrifice they’re being to fulfill the requirements of the other gender.

Women have started to respect their freedom and free time much more than just being a counterpart of a man. They are becoming more emotionally stable and stronger. They would prefer to wait for an equal person than to compromise for something less. Some even decide to explore their sexuality and opt for alternate relationships. Their emotional and romantic requirements exceed the stereotypical close-minded marriage with the opposite gender. The ‘Lived Happily ever after’ is not what every woman is looking for.

How does society respond to the rise in the trend of single women?

It isn’t easy surviving as a single woman in India. Several forms and places still require a woman to fill up their father’s name or husband’s name as guardian. In contrast, a man can apply for things without a guardian. Not only the society, but even the government norms also look down on women as belonging to the other gender. As if they are not capable of existing independently and being responsible for themselves.

India’s women reject marriage but society terms a single woman as a liability instead of a genuine choice. The life of single women is much harder in rural areas where they have to continually fight social prejudice and work extremely hard for their survival.

Many sections of society and government have been seen to be accepting the trend of single women. They support them by providing unique benefits to them, loan options, financial support, career opportunities.  But still the mind is where it looks down on an independent woman.

It is not just a rebellion that the women in India are trying to start, and they are just trying to evolve personally. It may take some time to change the societal dynamics of a woman who decides to exercise her own choices. Women want to be confident of their worth and caliber. As a result, the trend of single women is on rising.

They are confident women who dare to make an informed decision without being judged by the society for who they are.


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