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This Mumbai woman makes 20 dishes daily, sells them for just Rs.30

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A woman is seen, in a viral video, preparing 20 dishes daily and selling them for a very low price. The video has received over 448k views and nearly 30k likes.

The internet is brimming with stories that inspire us. Whether it’s about someone struggling to make ends meet or someone doing good things for others, social media has become a very handy platform for sharing such stories with the rest of us.

Such stories frequently inspire and push us to do something similar, which is the best thing that can come from such content because spreading compassion is incredibly beneficial to society’s well-being.

One such video recently surfaced on social media, in which we observed a street vendor creating 20 dishes per day and then selling them at a very low price so that everyone may find them inexpensive and pocket-friendly.

People commended the street vendor’s efforts when her story went viral on social media.

The video was posted by Instagram blogger @spoonsofmumbai and depicts a woman on her food cart with various containers full of food.

The containers contain rice, dal, kadhi, sabzi, roti, biryani, what appears to be a beef dish, and lassi. The woman has also put the menu on a whiteboard so that her clients can order what they want.

Sheetal, according to @spoonsofmumbai, is the lady’s name. Every day, she creates 20 meals, and the menu changes so that there is something for everyone.

Her dinners can be had for as little as Rs 30. Those in search of the lady might find her at Jai Ambe Snacks corner, opposite Shiv Sagar, Vile Parle West, and Mumbai.

The video has received over 448k views and nearly 30k likes since it was published on the social networking platform. People praised the woman in the comments area for her hard work and charity to the poor and downtrodden.

One customer wrote, “Just 30 rupees and so many dishes. Look at how much didi shares on top of that.”

People who have dined her have said, “The cuisine is incredibly tasty. I’ve been twice, and didi treats you just like your didi.”


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