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This pair built Rs20cr parenting startup after their firm closed in Covid-19

Raghav and his wife Shraddha researched a lot and came up with activities for their kid. The couple then incorporated those activities in a parenting app, called the Prodigy Baby.

The lockdowns of Covid-19 altered the way businesses and employees are handled, with Work From Home and hybrid work models, not to mention the innumerable firms that have closed.

Raghav Himatsingka’s firm was among those forced to close during the shutdown. Raghav Himatsingka and his wife Shraddha founded Raising Superstars with the help of a parenting app they created.

He operated a transportation company in Mumbai, which he closed down, but the good news is that he recovered quickly and created a new profitable firm based on his love.

The proud father of a now 4-year-old kid utilized the games and exercises he and his wife created to train his child on various skill sets to establish Raising Superstars, an edtech firm for new parents, in July 2020.

Raising Superstars assists in the training of babies aged 0 to 2 years to increase their learning, reading, speaking, memory, and creative abilities, among other things.

The instruction is available to parents through the Prodigy Baby app, with the first session costing Rs 499 and the next five programs costing between Rs 5000 and Rs 1 lakh.

The app gives parents access to a wealth of videos and training information that will assist them in teaching their children.

In just two years, the firm has generated a revenue of Rs 20 crore (FY 2021-22). The pair launched their company from their home.

Raghav explains, “We designed the app ourselves and published it. I spent roughly Rs 20,000 to develop the app and then some money on social media advertising.”

The firm, which began at home with only two individuals, now employs 30 people and has an office in Mumbai’s Santacruz area.

“Children are exposed to learning at a young age through our activities,” Raghav explains.

Raghav thinks that this insight may make a significant impact in a child’s future, and that these children will not have to work any more than their peers to be successful at anything since they will be focused on their primary talents.

“Parents are just required to spend five minutes every day with their children.

Kids have no screen time; parents learn the activities through the app and then teach the babies “Raghav says

They have around 1 lakh paying clients from India and other areas of the world since its start nearly two years ago. The software is available for download from the Google Play store.

“25% of our consumers are from India’s top six cities, while the remaining 75% are from other regions of the country.

Customers come to us from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, and Jammu & Kashmir. We also have consumers from over 50 other nations, he claims

“Among our clients are physicians, engineers, and other professions. Parents are pleased because they can see the program’s impact. We make no guarantees that your child will be successful in life if you use the software. However, we provide the youngsters with every available exposure, from creativity to language development to everything else.”

It assists parents in determining their child’s interests so that they can enhance those talents properly.

In 2007, he received his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. Raghav attended Stanford University for a master’s degree in management science and engineering, which he finished in 2008.

“I was competent at whatever I did, but not the greatest,” Raghav recalls, recalling how he began designing the Prodigy framework.

“I wanted my child to acquire an interest in and become good at anything he is interested in at a young age, so that he might be the greatest at whatever he decides to pursue.”

Raghav began his study on the issue by reading books, watching videos, and interviewing specialists.

He realized that early infancy is the time to focus on discovering and developing a child’s interests.

” I discovered that the first five years of a child’s growth are critical. It’s scientifically established,” Raghav adds.

Because they have been cultivating what they are greatest at, deliberately or unwittingly, since they were children. Raghav and his wife Shraddha began to plan activities for their kid, Prabal, and the couple’s family and friends were astounded by the boy’s progress.

Shraddha earned her master’s degree in marketing and advertising from Leeds University in the United Kingdom.  She was the founder of a ready-to-cook Thai curry enterprise, but she had left after becoming pregnant.

Some of the parents acquainted to the couple wanted to learn the activities to educate their own children, but Raghav was too preoccupied with his own business until the epidemic struck.

Raghav says, “I put the prototype through its paces and advertised it on social media, particularly Facebook. And the response was incredible. Parents approved of the concept “

Initially, the pair found themselves working around the clock. However, as they work on a parenting-related business, their connection with our kid has grown.

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