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Sunday, May 28, 2023

This US Company Is Selling Indian Charpai For Over Rs 1 Lakh

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Big brands and foreign companies often come up with bizarre products that leave us shocked over their price, just like this Indian charpai which is being sold for more than Rs 1 lakh.

Yes, we are talking about our very own khaat which was a very common thing in our household for ages. However for some time now, people have replaced them with wooden beds which are good not just for sleeping but we can also store stuffs in them if they have boxes.

Now once again these charpais are making headlines for their extremely high price which no one would ever have imagined. In India, you can get them in around Rs 5K-10K easily but the same khaats are being sold for over $1200 that comes to Rs 112,168 on Etsy which is an American e-commerce website.

The charpai has been depicted as ‘traditional Indian bed with very beautiful décor’ while in the highlights section, it mentions homemade, made of wood and jute ropes, etc.

A Twitter user shared the screenshot with the caption, “A traditional Indian #Charpai or #khatiya, which one can buy easily for Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000, was listed on the shopping portal at a price of Rs 112,168.”

This has obviously sent people into a tizzy and we just don’t understand who would have been buying them at such an exorbitant price. Would you purchase one?

Nitin Bhatnagar
Nitin Bhatnagar
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