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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Tiger 3: YRF to build epic set for Salman and Shah Rukh Khan’s thrilling action sequence

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The makers of ‘Tiger 3’ are preparing for the action scene starring Salman and Shahrukh. This scene will be shot over the course of 45 days.

In the film ‘Pathan‘, which is considered as Bollywood’s biggest blockbusters, people termed the arrival of Salman Khan i.e. Tiger as icing on the cake. Watching Shah Rukh and Salman Khan on film together was nothing short of a visual delight for the audience. At the same time, history will be repeated when ‘Pathan,’ aka Shahrukh Khan, gets cast in ‘Tiger 3’. But this time, the producers are going all out for this cameo. For this action scenario, a second grand set is being built.

The creators of the upcoming action film ‘Tiger 3’ would spend 45 days building a massive set for Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s action scenes in the film.

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan will reunite on screen in ‘Tiger 3,’ and producer Aditya Chopra and director Maneesh Sharma intend to make it the film’s biggest surprise. YRF has begun the lengthy process of constructing a massive set. The moment in which Salman and Shah Rukh are all set to execute some huge action will take about 45 days to shoot!

According to the report, when Salman arrived in ‘Pathan’ to assist Shah Rukh Khan, the cinemas went insane and everyone went crazy! Now it’s time for a repeat performance from Salman and Shah Rukh in Tiger 3.

Katrina Kaif plays super spy Zoya, while Emraan Hashmi plays the villain in ‘Tiger 3’. It will be released on Diwali.

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