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Top 5 cool & easy nail art designs to try at home

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It might be challenging to create beautiful nail art designs on your first attempt. Even though it appears straightforward in the lesson, it is difficult to master. But whether you’re a novice or an expert, there is a nail art design for you.

You might always start with straightforward, doable designs that don’t demand a lot of knowledge. The nicest accessory are well manicured nails. Therefore, the simplest nail art should be done once a week to keep them.Look down for some inspiration!

These instructions are very easy to follow and use only household items.

For beautiful nails, continue reading!

1. Tri Color Cliffs Nail Art

For someone just starting out, this nail art is the ideal choice because it is so basic. Apart from your nail paints, you don’t need any further instruments for this project.

Although specific colours will be used to illustrate this guide, the choice is totally yours! Play around with the colours you choose!

What is required

nail polish in a pale blue color

Luminous nail polish

nail polish in a pale coral color

Method of applying:

Apply a base coat to freshly manicured nails to keep them safe.

On one corner, apply a vertical stripe of the light blue colour while leaving a small area near the cuticle unpainted.

Now begin painting a bit lower from the centre.

Create the final stripe and then lower it.

A three-level pattern is what you should have.

Retrace your steps, beginning below the blue.

Apply the same strategy to the soft coral.

Once a top coat has been applied, you are finished!

2. Bow Nail Art Instructions

It’s time to start using additional tools now that you’ve mastered creating nail art only using nail polish! You may simply create this nail art since it is so unbelievably simple! It may be worn at any time because it is very casual.

What is required

blue-sky nail polish

Luminous nail polish

nail polish in dark color

either a very tiny paintbrush or a nail stripper

Method of applying:

Start by applying a base coat of the sky blue colour to each of your nails. In the form of a heart, as seen in the illustration, paint white over it.

Create two loops at the middle to resemble a bow by following the shape where the white and blue meet with a nail striper or a paintbrush dipped in black nail lacquer.

You are finished once you have applied a top coat to it.

3. How-To: Splatter Nail Art

This is for the creative person in you. All you need is a paintbrush to make a colourful paint spatter design!

What is required

Luminous nail polish

Blue-light nail polish

purple acrylic nails

nail paint in pink

an unbending paintbrush

Method of applying:

You should use white as the foundation colour for all of your nails.

Now for the enjoyable part. Find a stiff brush similar to the one in the picture. You should next dip the brush into the light blue polish, run your fingers through it, and point it towards your nails so that it splatters on them.

For the pink and purple, follow the same procedure. You ought to have lovely nail art with splatters.

Clean the areas surrounding the nails with a cotton swab coated in nail polish remover. For greater accuracy, you may even use a nail paint remover pen.

Apply a top coat to seal it.

4. Tutorial for Chevron Nail Art

Okay, I get what you’re saying. Although it can appear difficult, the best thing is that it is simple.

Red, white, and blue were used for the instruction, but you may use any colours you choose!

What is required

nail polish in red

Blue and white tape, white nail polish

Method of applying:

The foundation for the chevron nail art should be red nail polish.

Put the tape in a suitable location to produce a stencil of a chevron.

Apply the blue polish over it.

Remove the tape after about a minute has passed.

Place the tape in the vicinity of the cuticle as shown, and then paint the area white.

Once more, give it a minute before removing the tape. Finish everything up with a top coat. 5. A Tutorial for Glitter V-Tip Nail Art

Is there a celebration nearby?

The likelihood is that you had intended to go to the salon to get your nails done, but something unexpected happened, leaving you short on time and your nails undone.

This nail art is ideal because it’s quick and simple to complete.

What is required

Nail polish that is black in color

A tape or sticker in the shape of a “V” Silver glitter nail polish.

Method of applying:

Paint the whole surface of your nails in a solid black hue.

As illustrated, place the V sticker or tape corner close to the tips.

Apply the glitter polish to the bottom half.

Before gently removing the tape or sticker, give it a moment.

Add a top coat to complete it.

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