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92-YO man shows how to live a happier & better life at Starbucks

A 92-year-old man has shared his wisdom with a person he met at Starbucks on how to live a better life. He said to always be honest about your job and to work hard.

It is critical to have a good attitude in today’s world. It is also vital to have a good attitude in order to make life delightful and beautiful.

People are becoming depressed as a result of increased mental stress. People have so many troubles that they commit suicide. Only seniors or elders can guide us in such a predicament. Many people also seek medical advice.

A person has shared the words of a 92-year-old man, on the social media platform LinkedIn. The post written by the person is quite motivational.

According to the post, the individual met the 92-year-old guy at Starbucks. He always takes an autorickshaw from his house and orders coffee for himself. Always walk with the assistance of a stick. The person, who published the Linkedin post, spoke with the elderly man this time.

The 92-year-old man assured the individual that he never said anything unpleasant to anyone. Someone may have wronged him, but he has never wronged anyone.

The elderly man advised: Always be honest about your work and work hard. I’ve never chased money. Never said anything nasty about anyone. Always retain an optimistic attitude.

Giving a vital life advice, he remarked, “Keep your worries away from yourself.  This is the winning formula. Always be cheerful. Prepare to make a difference in your life.”

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