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Top 9 Colorbar Nail Polish Swatches 

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Colorbar USA is a well-known brand in India. It features a wide range of popular cosmetics items.It has a wide range of nail polishes in different colours, textures, and finishes.

Colorbar nall polish has a shelf life of around 1-2 years and is quite affordable for the quality it provides.If you use a nice basecoat and top coat, they will stay on your nails for about a week. This company has about 13 nail paints that I own. And here are the swatches of the top 9 colours, as well as a little review! What you see is what you get!

Shades of Colorbar Nail Polish

1. 03, Shy rose: It’s a lovely pastel shade of red.

It’s a little sheer, but the colour is buildable after the second application.

For the swatch, I applied three coats.

2.63, Flirty pink: Though it’s called Flirty pink, it’s actually a very attractive nude colour. It is pretty transparent and requires many applications to get opaque.

3.  73 Exclusive: This colour is from their exclusive collection and is quite close to flirtatious pink above.

The main difference is that it has a creame finish and a silver cap.

For the swatch, I used three coats.

4. 20 Autumn Rose: It’s a lovely coral rose colour. Personally, I think this is a must-have in your collection. It has the ability to liven up any drab day simply by wearing it.

For the swatch, I applied two coats.

According to StyleCraze

For a gorgeous appearance, pair your favourite white dress with this coral nail paint.

5. 57 Berrylicious: It’s a very nice colour. It’s a darker pink with a metallic shine. This colour looks stunning on fair skin.

For the swatch, I applied two coats.

6. 19 Exclusive: It’s a dark navy blue tint that’s really popular this year. This is a must-have hue in my opinion. For the swatch, I applied two coats. The formula is smooth and creamy.

7. 05, Blue lagoon: It’s a lovely bright blue colour. It’s a little sheer, so you’ll need 3-4 coats to build up the colour. For the swatch, I applied three coats.

8. 93, Moss Agate: It’s a nice moss green colour. It simply takes two coats to become opaque. It has a smooth finish. For the swatch, I applied two coats.

9. 002, Disco gold: It has a gold glittered top. It looks great on practically every hue. It’s topped with Moss Agate. I simply used one coat since it has so much glitter that a single swipe is plenty.

According to StyleCraze: Glitter nail paints go well with a flowery gown. For a more glam appearance, pair Disco gold glitter polish with Flirty pink.

Colorbar offers a couple gorgeous bright colours. They are stunning colours that I personally suggest to any neon fans. For the swatches, I used two coats of each colour.

Colorbar also sells crackle nail polish, which I own.

Colorbar nail polishes are well-known for their diverse colour palettes, finishes, and textures. Their shelf life spans between one and two years. They are reasonably priced and a popular brand among many people. Color bar nail polishes in popular colours include shy rose, flirtatious pink, autumn rose, berrylicious, blue lagoon, disco gold, foil blast, and moss agate. These colours will last for a week if used with a decent top and base coat. To show off your style, try any of the aforementioned nail paints.

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