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Top 9 RealTech Companies in India you must know about

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The term RealTech refers to the various types of technology employed in the real estate business and in the construction of an environment through various strategic procedures and activities. Find out the top 9 RealTech Companies in India you must know about.

RealTech firms’ tactics and strategies have enabled many different types of businesses to confront and benefit from them. RealTech organisations have been able to assist businesses of various sizes by making the greatest use of intelligence and constant hard work.

There has been a significant increase in workspaces such as WOTSO, Regus, and WeWork, and businesses can now run all of the necessary aspects in the newly appointed lavish offices. RealTech is more concerned with the community and its connectedness.

Simply a method of providing more alternatives to consumers and improving the real estate company.

Here are the top 9 RealTech Companies in India you must know about

1) Agiledge Solutions Private Limited

This is a RealTech firm that was created in 2011 and is a private limited company operating in India. It operates under the 1956 Company Act and has a strong focus on integrated software development.

Agiledge Solutions’ employee transportation service provides the greatest way to optimise the organisation of staff mobility.

2) Best RealTech (India) Private Limited

The firm is limited by shares and a non-government organisation with over 15 years of experience working with a large team to deliver the most effective form of service and feedback. The firm was founded in 2007 and is registered with the Registrar of Companies in Delhi. It is currently in operation and primarily works with the construction of all types of structures.

The corporation has a well-designed website that provides all of the information such as paperwork, trademarks, and the number of directors in the company.

3) AKD India RealTech Private Limited

The firm has over 8 years of experience, is a non-government organisation, and is registered at the registrar office in Delhi. The company’s share capital is approximately Rs 500000, and the paid-up capital is also around Rs 500000.

It manages the real estate activities with the company’s leased property and also falls under the REAL ESTATE ACTIVITIES division.

4) Property Adviser Private Limited

Property Adviser is a non-government firm that has been authorized. The company has been in business for almost ten years and has received positive feedback from customers and consumers. It intends to conduct a thorough study to identify patterns in development, pricing trends, and infrastructural changes.

5) AUT India RealTech Private Limited

The AUT private limited corporation is a well-known private sector and non-government organisation. The firm was formed in 2014 and is listed as a corporation with a restricted number of shares.

It has produced a solid consumer and sales report and has produced the most effective outcomes. It has generally been a zero-sum game for the previous eight years and continues to be so.

6) Amanda RealTech India Private Limited

It is a private corporation that has been in operation for three years and ten months. This is another non-governmental group that works on financial issues.

The company’s share capital is Rs 100000, as is its paid-up capital, which is around the same amount. With years of extensive industrial expertise, the firm has worked tirelessly to bring about new types of revolutions and advances.

7) Atal RealTech Ltd.

Mr Vijaygopal Atal established Atal RealTech Ltd in the year 2012. The firm has provided sub-integrated contracting as well as sub-contracting services for civil and industrial construction and engineering. They also provide some of the greatest services for governmental projects such as water supply and drainage projects that contribute to the country’s development.

8) Src RealTech Private Limited

The organisation offers a variety of products and services, such as plot inquiries and real estate agent services. The firm was founded in 2012 and has effectively established itself as one of the top-ranked RealTech enterprises. It is included in Trade India’s list of certified firms that provide a wide range of services and activities.

The organisation maintains a well-functioning website that has all of the relevant information and provides the greatest platform for delivering thorough information about the services and goods.

9) RealTech

The company’s basic motto has been to provide computer-related services as well as consulting services.  It works with a great team of individuals and makes modifications on a regular basis to meet the demands of the people.

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