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Uptrend will continue market might initially touch 18100 and then 18300 levels before consolidation. Says Derivatives expert Aksha Khosla

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Aksha Khosla who is known to be on of India’s finest derivative analyst and expert who has an extensive understanding of investment strategies and is known for his consistency in giving repetitive and regular profits to his clients since more than a decade. His 12 stockbroking companies are counted among the best in business today with an annual turnover of 24000+Crores.

In an exclusive interview with us, Aksha Khosla shared his views on the stock market by answering few questions raised by our Team.

Q1 Benchmark indices were trading higher with Nifty around 17950 level led by the IT, bank, auto and realty stocks. Your Views ?

Ans :-This pull back can continue and go upto 18150-18300 Levels before a brief phase of consolidation.

Q2Your Views on the Indian Inflation and the implications on Stock Market ?

Ans:-Higher inflation will obviously give a negative implication towards the stock markets as higher the inflation means higher the cost of living which will result in reducing the purchasing power of the individuals which is not good for the economy and the stock market.

Q3About 2474 shares have advanced, 885 shares declined , The Sensex was up today 481.69 points , Nifty was up 143.90 points , Your Views ?

Ans:- Yes as I earlier said the uptrend will continue market might initially touch 18100 and then 18300 levels before a brief consolidation phase begins.

Q4Any selloff in hotel stocks a great opportunity to buy?

Ans:- Off course yes, hotel stocks are going to do very well in 2022 as the pandemic is coming to an end .My Best bet on hotel stocks will be “Indian hotels company”.

Q5 China policy resulting in correction, Is it a good time to buy metals?

Ans :-It is indeed very difficult to understand the Chinese Policies but if there is a correction in the metal stocks then it will certainly be a good opportunity to buy but on the contrary if there is a big bull market in the metal stocks due to the Chinese policies then my advice will be to encash it by selling them.


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