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Vijita Tewari: The Tarot Card Reader Who Has Transformed Thousands of Lives Using Her Knowledge

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There are times when we have no idea as to why everything is going wrong in our lives despite the fact that we have always worked hard and tried to give our best. Well, everything is not just about what you are able to see and analyze, many times it is about your stars, your fate or destiny, some acts which you may have committed in your past life, etc.

When you are unable to understand how to improve your life and have a great future, it is the time you need to meet a mentor who not only listens to you but also finds the causes of your problems and provides a solution.

Vijita Tewari, the famous tarot reader from Mumbai who is also an expert in hypnotherapy and theta healing has helped thousands of people from all walks of life in finding out the real causes of problems faced by them and solving them effectively. It won’t be wrong to say that Vijita Tewari has saved many people from giving up their lives with her knowledge and skills and helped them transform their lives for better by providing them the tricks to attract happiness, prosperity and wealth.

There was one case of an MBBS doctor who used to have thoughts of committing suicide whenever she stood on the balcony of her home or any other place of big height and that too without any reason. Vijita Tewari carried out 4 sessions of hypnotherapy on her and found that the root cause of this problem was in her past life. Vijita not only sorted out the problem but also healed her completely and presently, the doctor is happily married. There are many other cases where Vijita Tewari used her powers for improving lives of others and helped them find peace, tranquility and happiness in life. She has played an instrumental role in changing the lives of many people whether they are doctors, media people, students, housewives, professionals, businessmen, etc.

Vijita Tewari states that she prefers to use tarot because it is the best medium to guide people in regard to the four areas of life – health, relationship, career and finance. In her words, tarot is just like a mirror which can make a person aware of his own hidden unique aspect and it also acts as a wise adviser who knows a lot about the person. Using her knowledge and skills, she has provided solutions of people’s physical, emotional and mental problems because of which they chose to return to her whenever they needed help in overcoming a challenge.

Vijita Tewari is basically from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh and she has completed her M.A. in Economics from Lucknow University. She did a course in fashion designing after that and worked as a fashion designer for 20 years. However in the year 2008, she realized that spiritual healing is the field where she belongs to so she left her successful career of a fashion designer and became a spiritual healer. Soon she was engrossed in practicing and meditating tarot and everything was so clear for her that she could actually feel tarot giving her guidance messages. She is very close to the ascendant Masters and Archangels which helps her in giving correct guidance to her clients.

Once Goddess of tarot came to her when she was healing a patient of hypnotherapy and told Vijita that she should write a book on tarot. From that day, her connection with tarot got stronger than ever and ultimately she sat down for writing a book. She kept on receiving messages from the Goddess of tarot regarding why humans develop diseases. It took her 3 months to write “Healing Guidance From Tarot Cards” in the year 2012 and this book is a great source to find out about the diseases which people can develop because of the physical, mental or emotional state they are in.

Vijita Tewari has a huge client base comprising of celebs and common people and she has also received many awards and recognitions for her contribution towards making society a better place to live. She aims to help more and more people using her skills, so if you are also not happy with your life, don’t delay in getting an appointment for meeting Vijita Tewari. website: www.vijitatewaritarotcardreader.in

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