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Viral video shows buffaloes taking morning dip in UK pool,causing damage of 25,000 pounds

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A herd of freed buffaloes caused damage to a swimming pool owned by a couple. The incident resulted in a damage of 25,000 pounds.

A video that is getting a lot of attention on social media shows a herd of freed buffaloes taking a dip in a new swimming pool owned by a couple and causing damage to it. The 18 buffaloes managed to get away from a nearby farm and spend the morning swimming in the pool at the Essex apartment complex.

The animals caused damage totaling 25,000 pounds (Rs 25,00,000) when they fell through the pool cover and were seen on CCTV tape at the same time it happened.

According to retired couple Andy and Lynette Smith, eight of the buffaloes ended up plunging into the 70,000-pound pool, which caused a stampede that destroyed the flower beds and fences in the area. The animals were saved at a later time and were found to be in perfect health.

The unfortunate event took place in July of the previous year when electric fencing collapsed, allowing the herd to get through a wooden fence and a hedge that had been separating their pasture from the garden of the Smiths.

Andy Smith said that when his wife was preparing the morning tea, she happened to peek out the kitchen window and saw eight buffaloes swimming in the pool. When she dialed 999, the operator informed her that the fire department does not take prank calls. To persuade them to take what we had to say seriously required some convincing. When they approached, one of the buffaloes, which had been startled by their high visibility jackets, rushed right towards them.

According to a spokesman for NFU Mutual Insurance, the claim has been “settled and paid” at this point.

They made the following statement: “We apologize for the delay in paying this claim and in particular the initial wait for an inspector’s visit, which took too long and fell short of our usual standards.”

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