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Virtual girlfriend: Snapchat influencer looks to earn $5M from the AI version of herself that she created

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At just 23 years old, Caryn Marjorie has amassed an impressive following of over 1.8 million on Snapchat. CarynAI, an AI-powered, voice-based chatbot, has already amassed over 1,000 paying subscribers.

CarynAI, a chatbot dubbed as a “virtual girlfriend,” has been reported to charge users $1 per minute for its chat services.

According to reports from the media, CarynAI was launched as a beta test earlier this month and has already generated an impressive $71,610 in revenue within a week. The majority of the revenue was reportedly generated by male users, as per an income statement provided by the influencer’s business manager.

CarynAI’s website reports that over 2,000 hours were dedicated to crafting and programming the authentic voice, mannerisms, and character of Marjorie into a “immersive AI experience.” The website claims that this experience is accessible at any time and provides the sensation of conversing with the real-life Caryn.

According to media reports, the videos from Marjorie’s YouTube channel have been utilized in conjunction with OpenAI’s GPT-4 API technology, which has since been deleted.

According to reports, the influencer has expressed that CarynAI will enable her to engage with a larger number of her social media followers. The influencer has reportedly stated that it is currently not feasible for her to communicate directly with each and every one of her followers.

According to the interviewee, CarynAI is poised to address the issue of loneliness and potentially even provide a “cure” for it.

In a confident statement, she declared that CarynAI would never be able to replace her. According to the individual in question, CarynAI is essentially an extension of their own consciousness.

According to Marjorie’s statement to the media, she believes that CarynAI has the potential to generate $5 million per month. This projection is based on the assumption that 20,000 out of her 1.8 million Snapchat followers will subscribe to the service.

According to Marjorie’s statement to the media, enrolling in CarynAI would offer users certain advantages akin to those of having an actual companion. According to the speaker, CarynAI is a reliable source of comfort and support, whether you need someone to listen to your grievances or simply want to express your emotions.

As per the media reporter’s account, the AI appears to be akin to a “intimacy-ready Siri” rather than a virtual girlfriend.

According to Sternlicht, CarynAI has the potential to provide users with a range of services, including recipes, news commentary, and emotional support. However, he also warns that the platform may facilitate explicit sexual conversations and graphic descriptions of sexual encounters.

Marjorie, who has been a victim of stalkers showing up at her residence, expressed concern that her AI persona could potentially exacerbate the risk of stalking. In a statement to the media, she explained that this was simply a strategic move in the world of influencers. She also revealed that she had taken measures to ensure her safety, including hiring round-the-clock security and refraining from disclosing her whereabouts to her followers.

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