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What is Mastodon, the alternative social network that Twitter users are choosing?

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Mastodon is an open-source social network is making waves right now by positioning itself as a Twitter rival. A federated social network, according to Mastodon. Users can choose to join “servers” rather than creating an online account. Every server is independent, is hosted by a different person or group, and can have different rules regarding moderating. Mastodon uses a platform called the “Fediverse” to connect thousands of social networks that are hosted on servers all around the world and connected by the same technology as Mastodon.

The Best Way to Use This Social Media Tool

1. A user must register for a certain server, for starters.

2. Anyone has the ability to build servers. Typically, volunteers fund it out of their own pockets or accept contributions via Patreon.

3. Each server will have its own set of guidelines and restrictions.

4. If you wish to establish the rules on your own server, you can do so as well.

5. A list of servers that have all affirmed their commitment to the “Mastodon covenant,” which guarantees “active moderation against racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia,” is available.

6. You can follow people on other servers without any issues.

How to Open a Mastodon Account

A user can start using Mastodon by selecting a username and creating an account with a header image and profile photo. In contrast to Twitter, your username on Mastodon will be [username] @ [the Mastodon instance you registered to]. It is fairly similar to an email address, where the second component is the company that manages your inbox and the first part is your preferred identity.

You can use apps on iOS and Android to log into your Mastodon account(s).

How to Use Your Mastodon Account to Post

While there are some significant distinctions, the experience is comparable to Twitter. To begin with, you might need to get used to your posts being referred to as “toots” rather than “tweets.” In addition to more features like click spoiler warnings for text and images, you will have twice as many characters (500) to compose a post.

As with a direct message, you will have more control over who can view your post, from everyone on the server to only the people you specifically name.

For popular topics, hashtags function much like Twitter does, and you can share someone else’s post with your followers by “raising” it, which is akin to retweeting. Quote-toting, however, does not exist.

It’s simple and free to verify.

Every website owner with their own domain can use the verification method offered by Mastodon. It will be easier for followers to believe you are who you say you are if you link to a website you own on your profile since it will be able to identify you as the site’s owner.

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