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What lead to two scientists of India nominated for the Physics Nobel prize

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To start with, Dr. Reinhard Genzel and Dr. Andrea Ghez have done remarkable work in the sector of Physics. Both have discovered a supermassive compact object at the center of our galaxy. You must also remember the fact that these two scientists of India are also famous for the remarkable work of the black holes and you should keep this in mind.

Indian scientist Mr. AK Raychaudhar and CV vishveshwarawere also famous for their contribution to the theory of the black holes. Today the focus of the story is Noble Prize winner Sir Roger Penrose.

About Sir Penrose’s work

Secondly, Prof Penrose is a British mathematical physicist at the University of Oxford. He used the advanced mathematical technique to tell the working theories of the black hole. This theory works simultaneously with the general theory of the relativity, which was given by Einstein. 

Also, in his work, he was jointly working with Stephen hawking. Both were working to form the new idea in the direction of the gravitational singularities. In the center of the whole, they found some points of the infinite density, and these were published in The Guardian. Two scientists of India are now being appreciated for their remarkable contribution.

Work of two scientists of India

Thirdly, one should know the fact two Indian scientists provided them a great help in this context. Namely, they are Mr. AK Raychaudhar and CV vishveshwara. You will be amazed to know the fact apart from helping in the work they also worked significantly in the direction of helping to understand everyone about the black holes. 

Further, Prof CV vishveshwara is also the founding director of the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium in Bengaluru. One of the most prominent research education advancement programs in Physical sciences were also established by him. In addition, he established this for helping undergraduate students. His studies and works on the black hole theory and understanding are remarkable. The best part is that he did this when it was a graduate student at the University of Maryland.

Mr. AK Raychaudhar and CV vishveshwara

Furthermore, While studying in Maryland he published some very important single-author papers. These still works are the basic understanding of the black holes for us. Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose, and every other were amazed by his work. The actual came later and our Indian scientists have already done remarkable work in the same study and theory. 

Next, Dr. Karan Jani has proved it who is associated with LIGO. He further adds the fact that his critical calculation was usedwhen they were discovering the gravitational waves. Further, one article that was published in The Hindu newspaper has also stated that originally he was the first one to tell us about the black hole in a clear manner. After the years of his published work, in 2015 such pictures were captured that were proved that his theory about the black holes was correct. 

Moreover, Raychaudhari is also a very intelligent physicist. He is graduated from one of the top-notch Presidency colleges in Kolkata. Though he was less known his work speaks for him. He came up with a unique equation during his seminal research work in 1950. This particular equation tells us about everything about the formation of the black holes.

Gratitude in the last

To sum up, much of the other research work in this same direction was done. No doubt, in the early years there were not able to get a reputation for their remarkable work but in the later years, they were recognized by the well-known newspapers and magazines. These two scientists of India were simply remarkable in their work and made history in the sector of physics.

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