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With ₹500, this Young boy is now, CEO of a web development Company

A 13-year-old young boy borrowed ₹500 from his father for acquiring his first domain name. The young boy started building a web community, assigned specifically to aviation and aero-modelling.

Meet Farrhad Acidwalla, one of the youngest Indian entrepreneur in the world and the founder of Rockstah Media and CYBERNETIV DIGITAL He is also an investor and a TEDx speaker. Farrhad is currently working with leading international corporations and influencers. He has a well-led team that has assisted in attaining. Business from brands like Atlassian, Lenovo and Microsoft. The young entrepreneur is a frequently invited guest speaker at numerous academic institutions across the country with the likes of IITs and IIMs. He has been featured in various print and TV media news.

The startup and Career graph

Farrhad was born in November 1993 and basically belongs from Mumbai, Maharashtra. His inspiring story dates back to when he was in grade 8. As a usual teenager, he was flooded with continuous study pressure and his parent’s expectations. But his passion for aero-modelling was his ultimate interest. Suddenly one day young Farrhad came across an idea of website creation on the internet and thus he thought of creating an aviation website. For the next few weeks, he was just thinking about his vision. He borrowed Rupee 500 from his parents and started to build his online web community around aviation and aero-modelling.

Once the website took off, he sold the web community for a profitable amount. With many same ventures, he slowly grew his achievement levels to arise. In 2009 when he turned 16, he used that money to start a Web Developing Media Firm called Rockstah Media. This is a cutting- edge company dedicated to web development, branding and marketing as well as advertisement. Within a year of operation, it begged big clients and works with a full-fledged team of young developers, designers and market strategists spread Internationally. Then in 2018, Farrhad has also founded CYBERNETIV DIGITAL, which is mainly based in Mumbai, India. His net worth is calculated to be as 4 million dollar in 2020.

The zeal to learn

Although having a successful career and growing company under his name, Young Farrhad decided to stay back in college to complete his studies. He believes that being educated always puts you in a safe place as a business is always a risk. Using Education in business creates marvels in the business. Farrhad is an alumnus of the prestigious Bombay Scottish School, Mahim and later he graduated from H.R. College of Commerce and Economics. Presently Farrhad is pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B.) at K.C. Law College, Mumbai.

Recognising his Talent

With a rocking success of Rockstah Media, brought the young-entrepreneur into the centre spot. Farrhad started getting acknowledged and was interviewed by CNN at just an age of 17. In 2009, the well-known print agency MidDay, featured him 45th on the list of India’s top Twitter users.

Again Farrhad was invited to speak at different colleges and meetings. This young achiever has taught digital marketing and entrepreneurship to undergraduate students as well as post-graduate students in IITs, NITs, BITS, Amity, etc. All this happened when he himself was an undergraduate. The icing on the same was when in 2014, Farrhad was invited to speak as the youngest guest lecturer at IIT Kharagpur’s annual entrepreneurship summit. Farrhad has even had the chance to judge MBA students in various competitions. He had been starred in the list of Top 10 Teenagers Who Built Million Dollar Companies. VOGUE India has headlined Farrhad as one of the ‘Country’s smartest Gen Z-ers of the moment recently in 2017.

At present in 2020, he is on the Board of Directors of D.Y. Patil Edutech and on the Board of Advisors of AIESEC in NMIMS Shirpur.


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