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What’s the truth behind UK media reports on India’s move to bring back Kohinoor? We have the answer

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An important artifact from India, the Kohinoor diamond,  was allegedly stolen by UK during the British rule on India. Glasgow Life has made a deal with the Indian government to return seven artifacts that had been stolen from India.

Informed sources have refuted stories that appeared in British media stating that India had made diplomatic efforts to retrieve the Kohinoor diamond and other artifacts like idols and sculptures from museums in Britain. The reports claimed that India had made these efforts.

According to certain sources, the rumor that ministerial and diplomatic resources are being gathered together with the intention of negotiating the repatriation of thousands of artifacts from the UK is not genuine.

According to the sources, the official who was cited in the reports did not reference Kohinoor at any point.

According to individuals who asked not to be identified, the primary focus is on the procedure of recovering antiquities through the use of bilateral collaboration and partnership in a manner that is consistent with preexisting international agreements.

This procedure has taken place in the past as well, and it involves many different nations that are in possession of Indian artifacts. Even though Queen Camilla chose other diamonds for her consort’s crown, the Kohinoor was the center of attention at the Coronation that took place last week.

After being kept in the treasury of India’s Maharaja Ranjit Singh for a while, the 105-carat diamond eventually found its way into the possession of the East India Company. After the conquest of Punjab, the diamond was eventually given to Queen Victoria as a gift.

According to a story that was published by the Daily Telegraph newspaper, the problem of reclaiming the Kohinoor is one of the top objectives of the Indian government.

In recent years, there have been additional cultural impulses for repatriation, such as Greece’s desire to reclaim the Elgin Marbles and Nigeria’s desire to reclaim the Benin Bronzes.

The charity organization Glasgow Life, which is responsible for running the museums in the Scottish city of Glasgow, made a deal with the Indian government to return seven artifacts that had been stolen to India the previous year.

The majority of these items were taken during the 19th century from various shrines and temples located in different areas of northern India. One of these items, however, was acquired after its original owner had it stolen from him.

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