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WhatsUp Wellness makes wellness fun & simple with the help of gummies

WhatsUpWellness is performing commendable work in assisting folks to live a healthy existence in a straightforward method. It’ll blow your mind to learn that they’re accomplishing this fantastic work with the aid of gummies, which contain the nourishment your hair, skin, and nails require.

Are you sick of caring for your skin, hair, and nails? Despite racing to the salon, taking medications, and eating all green and blue foods, you are not getting the optimum results from your beauty mains. This is because, despite your best efforts, you are not consuming the proper nutrients.

What’s Up Wellness is a firm founded by two young entrepreneurs to treat problems with your hair, skin, and nails.

Vaibhav Makhija and Sayantani Mandal launched the Kolkata-based start-up in 2021 that claims to take care of your three beauty essentials: hair, skin, and nails. The globe, including India, was in the Covid-19 epidemic zone, with people cooped up in their homes indulging in bad diets, causing further damage to the hair, skin, and nails.

That’s when the two What’s Up Wellness creators came up with the concept of giving wellness supplements in the form of gummies, which would require no extra effort to consume but would deliver an outstanding outcome to the beauty mains.

Following their time at The Man Company, Vaibhav and Sayantani joined Grofers’ wellness division, Orange Something, which focuses on the cosmetics industry. However, the team realized that neither company was meeting the needs of its customers in terms of hair, skin, and nail wellbeing. Despite spending a lot of money on various cosmetic products, the outcome appeared to be drab.

They both investigated and discovered that, in addition to taking care of your exterior attractiveness, it is important to give suitable health supplements, and so they created What’s Up Wellness.

Vaibhav Makhija said, “We investigated and discovered that exterior application items for hair, skin, and nails may only aid to a certain level, and that you need nourishment from within to get the desired results. Furthermore, the use of bad foods has grown in recent years, resulting in significant nutritional shortage in the body. We realized that wellness supplements may help individuals with their aesthetic problems, so we launched What’s Up Wellness.”

The What’s Up Beauty gummies are a tasty combination of 13 necessary minerals and multivitamins, including “biotin, zinc, and folic acid,” that claim to keep your hair, skin, and nails healthy. These are gluten-free, vegan (made with aloe vera and grape seed extracts, among other ingredients), and FSSAI approved. Furthermore, they are free of artificial colors and preservatives and are gender-neutral, allowing both men and women to eat them safely.

The gummies are available in 30 (Rs 899), 60 (Rs 1,599), and 90 (Rs 2,149) day packs, with the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) recommending one gummy each day for the optimum results.

“We focused on making gummies that are both pleasant and healthful, so that people look forward to eating them every day. It also takes up little time and eliminates the need to chew tablets or mix powder with water before eating vitamins. Thus, these gummies were created with the hectic schedules of today’s age in mind, and to avoid any form of inconvenience,” Vaibhav explained.

What’s next, and where can we get our hands on What’s Up Beauty gummies?

Vaibhav remarked, “We have already conducted a search for various forthcoming supplements and plan to offer six to eight goods during the next year. Furthermore, we will broaden our wellness categories while being gender-neutral as usual.”

These gummies may be purchased from their own website. Gummies may also be purchased via Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Pharmeasy, and Netmeds.


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