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“When I Refused, The Co-Producer…,” Esha Gupta Reveals Creepy Casting Couch Incidents

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Bollywood actress Esha Gupta is certainly one of the hottest beauties of B-town at the present time and she keeps making headlines more because of her bold photoshoots rather than her acting work.

Well, her acting journey has been full of ups and downs and she has also faced casting couch, that too twice which is really unfortunate. Recently during an interview, she chose to talk on this topic and she revealed the two instances when she faced casting couch but she refused to give in.

She stated that one of the co-producers of the movie asked s*xual favors from her when the movie was shot half. She said, “The film was half completed. When I refused, the co-producer told the maker that he did not want to see me in the film. What am I doing on set? After this, some makers even refused to cast me in films. I had heard that these people used to say about me that if I won’t do anything then what is the point of taking me in the film?”

The second incident happened in an outdoor shoot, she revealed, “There were two people who laid the trap of casting couch. I had understood but I still did the film because it was a small move from their side. He thought that I would fall into his trap during the outdoor shoot. I was also smart, I said that I would not go to sleep alone. I called my makeup artist to sleep in my room.”

Esha added that these types of people think that people will do anything for work but they won’t do such type of things with starkids otherwise the parents of starkids won’t leave them.

This is really disgusting and shameful.

Nitin Bhatnagar
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