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When Media Banned The Whole Bachchan Family After Abhishek-Aishwarya Marriage

The Bachchan family is one of the most loved and popular families because of which mediapersons don’t want to leave any chance to click them but do you know that there was a time when the media banned the whole Bachchan family and it happened after the marriage of Abhishek and Aishwarya?

Well-known photographer Varinder Chawla said that the media wasn’t invited in Abhi-Ash marriage but mediapersons knew the points from where they could get photos. He revealed, “We knew the points from where we could get the pictures, such as the entry area, but they parked a bus there! So, the entire view of the media was blocked. When they were coming to Prateeksha from their other bungalow, they had security provided by Amar Singh. When the media ran after breaking the barricade, to catch the glimpse, they (security) treated them badly and attacked the media. A lot of media persons were hurt.”

After this incident, the media decided to ban the whole Bachchan family which means they decided not to click photos of any member of the Bachchan family. He said “I had never seen such a big media ban. They had banned everyone, from Amitabh ji, Jaya ji, Abhishek to Aishwarya.”

He further said, “When the Bachchan family would come for some events, photographers would place the camera down or up in the air as a sign of protest. If Bachchan saab was at an event and a call for group picture was made, the moment he would come in front, the photographers would lift their cameras up. They would click the person next to Bachchan saab, but not him.”

When Amitabh Bachchan realized that it could be very bad for his reputation and work, he called a meeting with the entire media at the JW Marriott hotel, after which the ban was lifted.

Now this is really big news, what do you say?

Nitin Bhatnagar
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